AJ R Chun PhD CTS, PhD

Name:AJ R Chun PhD CTS
Other Specialties—housing/building/product
Location:PO Box 3591
Clovis, CA 93613
Phone: 559-225-4444
Fax: 559-429-5000
Specialist In Concentration Environmental Design Psychologist Business & Health Industry Consultant principal:

Environmental Psychology deals with behavior in relation to the physical environment. The physical environment includes material objects, plants, animals and human beings. Environmental Psychology does not emphasize the interactional processes among people, which form the subject matter of other branches of Psychology. Environmental Psychology follows the systems approach which has become the modern approach in several branches of science. It is holistic and naturalistic and studies the adaptation of organisms to their settingsDesigns and implements company-wide New Hire Orientation including customer service workshops which reduces employee turnover.

Works With:

Creates a working matrix for scheduling of all required Cal-OSHA training with documentation to support attendance.

Establishes strong working relationships between managers and staff that has direct impact in reducing the number of employee issues. ( ref1)

Designs working models for all areas of employee training. The objectives being to acquire the critical skills needed to meet the business challenges of the company.

Facilitates all required compliance programs including sexual harassment and work safety which results in more awareness of the diversity in the workplace and establishing departmental work/safety rules.

Revises job descriptions across all levels. Shadows and interviews employees to construct an accurate picture of duties and skills required for each position.

Writes and revise employee manuals including specific disciplinary procedures,
codes of conduct, FMLA policy and benefits information

Works with senior management to create HR policies & procedures as required of specific companies.

Establishes working relationship with local colleges to support the skills needed for the development of the managerial staff within each company.

Creates management trainee programs directly tied to succession planning thus ensuring a constant flow of qualified managers ready for promotional opportunities.

Designs and implements HRIS systems which results in more complete employee files and documentation.

Provides job analysis and salary structures focusing on competitive and current compensation structures.

Designs departmental competency assessments on the role and responsibilities of middle managers specifically in managing operations, administration, and human resource utilization. These resulted in ensuring the quality and performance of the workforce, monitoring facility operations in order to meet business goals and higher levels of productivity.

Implements a performance evaluation process for all managers. This results in a better working relationship with managers and staff and a decreased number of employee relation issues.

Creates community health workshops to address the needs of the surrounding residential areas. This was a marketing initiative that established a better awareness of the medical services provided by local hospitals.

Designs and facilitates workshops for management focusing on change behavior to create a foundation for managers to effective lead their departments.

Theology PhDTheology PhDPhD PsychologyPhD Psychology
CTS Prof Adjuct MemberThe CollegeTheology SocietyMember
MemberAPAAmerica Psy Assoc
Only via e mail/Schedule/appointment/no open doors

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