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Name:Amy E Welker
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by KansasKid, Sep. 15, 2010

Honestly, I do not know what the courts and Lyon county where thinking when they said I had to go into this office. The woman is a well known and self admitted former drug user. Obviously her employer does not do much in the way of background screening.  She has an "I know everything and you are completely stupid" approach to her counseling practices. Likewise, she treats over the counter medications and some kinds of pop as she would illegal street drugs. She does not recognize that some people simply quit using such substances only to get off of paper and plan to continue to do so again after the fact. These people she becomes hell bent on their destruction playing games of cruel intent. She has NO RESPECT for people who are of other religions. She refers to Muslims as terrorists and pagans/wiccans as stupid.

On a local non-professional level she is known to manipulate and stalk those who cross her path. It is thought that she has an inferiority complex and tries to over compensate by networking and attempting to win over friends of the "offending party" in order to destroy them socially and economically. She will hide behind the 12 steps and quote such books as scripture the same way Rev Bird did with the bible after killing his wife. Her degree came from a local state funded University with very low criteria and who's average student earns less than 50 thousand a year. This establishment is not capable of producing a decent therapist and she was never therapist material to start with.

Her therapy sessions start with overly aggressive rants that force you to shut her out and ignore her every word then end in her asking about your day after she babbles about her own problems that remind her of you for 20 minutes.

If you have this woman as a court ordered therapist your best bet is to keep your mouth shut and lie on your paperwork that you are a Christian and you have only tried pot once and then got caught. Remember, that trying pot once to her means you are the same as a daily heroin addict. The moment you walk in, you will be treated like the scum of the earth by all staff at this facility. If you want to be treated remotely human there, your best bet is to smile and be polite at all times then lie out your nose that you like the same things she does.

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