Ariel Eselevsky, Review

Ariel Eselevsky, Review

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Ariel Eselevsky Review
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by MyTherapist1, Aug. 27, 2015

I was told this clinician had experience with grief counseling but it appeared that his Employee Assistance Counseling at a major corporation was not what I needed.  Someone who recently lost a spouse shouldn't be told to "have a plan" to move forward 6 weeks after death nor should be challenged with every comment out of her mouth. I felt most times like I was defending myself and when discussed with others all said find someone else.  I tried to give it a chance, but this is my life and I felt I was being condescended to and judged.  

The first visit I spoke about my son in Jail and the issues. One of his first comments was that I was "enabling him".  That being said I went on to say that this is a wrong assumption as I haven't paid a dime for his legal expenses and I am a mother supporting my son in a bad situation.  I should have walked out then.  

I do come off as opinionated and sarcastic, but I am still grieving and need my feelings validated.  When I spoke about guilt and sadness I felt at not able to say good bye due to my husband not being able to speak, things moving so quickly the response I got "would that have mattered?" A more suitable response would have been "it must be hard for you, but why do you feel that way?" or anything else but that.

These categories are too broad and not applicable.  I said the Knowledge and Experience was good because I made an assumption that someone in Social Work for any period of time must have knowledge and experience.  Office Environment and Staff is not applicable (and there should be a field for N/A) as there is no staff.  I rated the Waiting time as "good" as noone is "excellent" especially in this situation.

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* this reviewer had 1 - 2 therapists before.
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