Bernie Soon, Review

Bernie Soon, Review

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by ListeningHealer, Feb. 09, 2012

Los Angeles Citysearch, Google & Yahoo User Reviews for   Bernie Soon, MA, MFT, SEP

Exceptionally Gifted Body Psychotherapist  01/18/06 "My experience with Bernie Soon was an incredibly positive one. After suffering severe panic attacks and depression I contacted Ms. Soon after reading about EMDR therapy on the internet. I found her techniques to be extremely comforting and effective. After just one visit I had a complete change in my mental state which allowed me to again feel free of anxiety, depression and panic attacks. I went to her for one follow up session primarily to let her know how successful her technique had been. I would highly recommend her. She is lovely, her place of business is very tranquil and she is very professional. It was a very positive experience."  Hired as an EMDR Therapist in Los Angeles. Pros: Highly effective, Very professional, Compassionate.

Compassionate & Down-to-Earth Psychotherapist "I came across Bernie Soon for the first time online - actually on here and on Bernie's website - and I feel so lucky to have her as a first-time psychotherapy patient. I have sort of a different problem than the other reviewers on here - where my problem came from years of chronic, toxic parenting. But the therapy of EMDR is the same. Bernie listens to you in a very comforting, serene, Zen environment and she offers sound suggestions. I plan on continuing to go back to her, also as a lifestyle/leadership coach."  Hired as an EMDR Therapist in Los Angeles. Pros: Ambiance, environment, private.

Bernie Soon is an Insightful and Caring Therapist "I went to Bernie Soon because of an old cervical sprain that never properly healed and was continuing to cause me problems. Bernie showed me how to slow down and pay attention to the body. Using her background in EMDR and Somatic Experiencing we worked through the trauma that resulted in the neck problems. As a result I get "triggered" less and less and feel a renewed confidence in my body. I highly recommend her services." Hired as an EMDR Therapist In Los Angeles.

A Safe Place to Work on the Self "Bernie Soon creates a very comforting and open atmosphere which allows you to deeply explore yourself and become in tune with your center. Her sessions are all-encompassing and focus on the individual's needs, getting to the core of the problem and allowing a person to really connect to the root of their issue within their body and mind. I am happy to have found someone who takes psychotherapy to a heightened level, helping to bring me in touch with my spirituality and core." Hired as an EMDR Therapist in Los Angeles.  Pros: calming environment, flexible times, non-judgmental care.

A Great Experience "I found Ms. Soon to be a master of her craft. She is knowledgeable, intuitive and creates an inviting and comforting atmosphere that is a cornerstone of therapy. Her EMDR techniques were amazing in their effectiveness. I cannot recommend her too highly." Hired as an EMDR Therapist in Los Angeles.Pros: Bedside manner, Knowledge, location.

Gifted and Generous Healer Will Change Your Life 10/22/10 "In the short time I have been working with Bernie Soon, I have already experienced profound transformation. She is truly gifted and I feel incredibly blessed to have found her. With her exceptional skill set, generous spirit, and loving guidance, decades of trauma are melting away. I emphatically recommend her." Hired as an EMDR Therapist in Los Angeles.

Tremendous Therapist 12/05/10 "Bernie Soon is a god-send. I spent months researching and trying to find a therapist that was highly recommended. I am grateful I found a few reviews on Bernie that were stellar. I then went to her website which was so thorough and was warm and inviting. I knew she was the therapist I had been searching for many years .... after experiencing my fair share of bad ones. Bernie has an intuition, is kind, gentle, empathetic, sympathetic....and just gets it. I trust her implicitly and look forward to seeing her every week." Hired as an EMDR Therapist in Los Angeles.

From LinkedIn:            

"I met Bernadette Soon over a year ago and since then a brand new world has opened its doors to me.  I had interviewed other therapists but I found myself unhappy with the more conventional ways of treating my problem.  EMDR was totally unknown to me and I have to say that after just one session, I felt and saw the light at the end of my endless misery. I felt immediately something was in motion in me as well as a huge peaceful place where anxiety & discomfort were no longer alive.  It is difficult to explain but her tranquil and very professional way of treating her patients, I am sure make her a highly sought after expert. Her techniques not only bring peace to you but her intuitive way of helping you will do marvelous things to your entire well being and soul. * Since my therapy ended, my energy level and enthusiasm have quadrupled along with a thirst for more in life and an incomparable success level which I have never experienced in my Business before. Thank you Bernadette, I would highly recommend you to anybody that seeks serious results for a life changing experience."  March 12, 2010.  XX hired Bernie as a Los Angeles EMDR Psychotherapist in 2009.

"I cannot endorse Bernie's work highly enough. She has a wonderful, kind, thoughtful manner; is very knowledgeable; uses EMDR to great effect, but doesn't get stuck in a rut. She sees the world from many perspectives, and is simply a great counselor and great person - really tremendous."  February 3, 2010.  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.  
Hired Bernie as a Los Angeles EMDR Counselor in 2000.

"I have used Bernie's services for some bodywork many times and have found it very helpful. She is very caring, giving and in tune. I would definitely recommend her services to someone who suffers pain or physical trauma and is looking for a safe environment to help release the tension caused by such events."  February 2, 2010.  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value. XX hired Bernie as a Los Angeles Somatic Bodyworker in 2005.

"Bernie Soon is an amazing EMDR therapist. It is subtle work, but works on levels you didn't even know you had. I have had 5 of my best friends go to her, all very different, and we all have changed profoundly through working with her. She is completely trustworthy and discrete. There is absolutely no cross-talk. Bernie's manner is soothing, comforting and it works! I cannot recommend her enough. And what's great about working with her, is that she is honest. She does not want you to become dependent on her. She will tell me when I have had enough and to take a few months off. I took six months off from seeing her and then went back for a few sessions before I got married. It is so wonderful to have a therapist like that. I have had others who never want you to leave, and it's horrible. I love Bernie."   February 2, 2010.  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.  XX hired Bernie as a Los Angeles EMDR Psychotherapist in 2008.

"Unbelievably supportive, caring, compassionate and an outstanding listener. Challenges you to "push the envelope" in a safe environment."  December 16, 2009.  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.  XX hired Bernie as a Los Angeles Psychotherapist in 1999.

"Bernie is a knowledgeable and very good psychotherapist. She conveys her care and consideration as well as her intelligence and sharp mind in every session. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a great listener, a knowledgeable therapist and a very helpful and caring person to work with!" November 28, 2009.  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.  XX hired Bernie as a Los Angeles EMDR Psychotherapist in 2008.

"I hate to sound trite but Bernie is exactly as described in the other recommendations. She is very professional, made me feel completely safe and I highly recommend her for her thoroughness and knowledge. She does have a gift."   February 3, 2010.  Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.  XX hired Bernie as a Los Angeles EMDR Psychotherapist in 2008.

"Bernie is an exceptional, caring, empathic individual. She is quite knowledgeable in her field. I would recommend her highly."   February 9, 2010. Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative. XX hired Bernie as a Los Angeles EMDR Therapist in 2005.

"Bernie is great at thinking outside-the-box and being very creative in her approach to people who are suffering from mental blocks or who are resistant to change. I have witnessed miraculous results for the people with whom she has worked. If you are up against the wall then I suggest you call Bernie." March 5, 2010.  Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative. XX hired Bernie as a Los Angeles Behavioral Health Therapist in 2009.

Recommendations For Forensic Healing:

"Bernie...such a professional, gentle soul - with integrity.  It felt very safe and easy to work with her.  Bernie helped me realize and release some very old patterns that were not serving me.  Recommended highly! - XX hired Bernie as a Forensic Healing Practitioner in Los Angeles 07/11.

"Bernie, you are such an amazing person. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you and experience healing through you.  I got some important questions answered.  Your intuition, wisdom and confidence gave the time I spent with you the kind of frame that made my session unique and healing. - XX hired Bernie for Forensic Healing in Los Angeles 07/11.

"Bernie is such a compassionate beautiful healer. It was so nice to be in her loving gentle presence.  I highly recommend a healing session with her.  Love you.  Thank you.  XX worked with Bernie as a Forensic Healing Practitioner in Los Angeles, 7/11.

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