Bill LaTorre, Dr

Name:Bill LaTorre
Location:2150 49th st N
Suite C
St Petersburg, FL 33710
Phone: 727-321-6130
Dr. Latorre has treated thousands of patients as a certified chiropractor. Whether they’ve come to him after years of chronic arthritis, back or headache pain, acute pains like those caused by trauma from a car accident or a fall, stomach problems, to manage weight after years of trying, to end the suffering caused by asthma and allergies, Dr. LaTorre has helped heal so many that thought they never would or could feel well and strong again. Part of Dr. LaTorre’s success comes from the fact that he is a lifelong learner, and insatiably curious about the newest and best ways to treat the whole person, and to return to health those who have felt unhealthy for a long time. Dr. LaTorre holds a bachelor’s degree in human biology, then went on to become a chiropractic physician who earned this designation from Lincoln College in Indianapolis. But his learning did not stop there ­. Dr. LaTorre is not just a chiropractor. In many ways, this was the beginning of what has been lifelong training. He holds a masters in biomechanical trauma and human kinetics from Lynn University in Miami, then did fellowship training in the biomechanics of impact trauma and subsequently earned his designation as a diplomate from the American Academy of Biomechanical Trauma. Dr. LaTorre is one of the few chiropractors certified as a Brimhall-trained wellness and holistic practitioners in the U.S. with advanced training in nutrition and cold laser therapy. Dr. LaTorre has also trained in DNA, hormone, genetic testing and treatment. Most recently, Dr. LaTorre completed training in the use and application of the Zerona™ laser, the latest technology and non-invasive, natural alternative to liposuction. He is an author and has lectured widely throughout the U.S. in venues such as universities, national and local professional organizations, corporate seminars as well as television and radio.
Dr. LaTorre, while highly credentialed, holds to a simple mission…to help bring people to optimum health with high quality, affordable health care in a comfortable and caring environment that helps unlock the God-given potential within everyone.
Among one of the most charitable and philanthropic residents in Tampa Bay, Dr. LaTorre has given his support to organizations such as Heartbeat International, Homeless Mothers with Children, Academy Prep, the Museum of Fine Arts, Gulfcoast Oncology Foundation and the Industrial Arts Center. Dr. LaTorre is an ardent lover of music, dancing, cooking and in general, has an insatiable love for life, nurturing the spirit and learning how to best help others. He lives with his family in Gulfport.
Dr. LaTorre says, “I am passionate about my work and through my hands, I believe that such passion becomes the elixir and the energy pathway by which I help my patients find their way back to health and vitality.”
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