Caren Baltasi, LDN, CCN

Name:Caren Baltasi
Review:1 client review
Location:150 East Huron Street
Suite 1104
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-266-8565

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by privatedancer, Jul. 02, 2010

A person with much promise who constantly fails to follow-through with you. Follow-up or even caring to follow-up is a major problem. After many many sessions Caren was very unsupportive of my diet and repeated failed to even email or phone to support me during weight loss. Even though "care" is part of her name, her lack of caring about me and the people I sent to her was unsettling. Follow-up failures included her forgetting to bring needed testing materials to the sessions - repeatedly, forgetting to write out instructions for supplements and forgetting to follow-up on supplements recommended.

Support between visits was very limited as it would take days if not weeks to return emails. Caren doesn't text. Nor does she provide an easy way to reach her in a timely fashion. Her lack of organization, caring and follow through is most likely demonstrates that she should not be in private practice but in a practice where her lack of organization can be covered up by support staff. Not sure if nutrition is really the right choice for her because she lacks people skills. Approach with caution.

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