Caroline Aileen Fernandes, MA

Name:Caroline Aileen Fernandes
Specialty:Counselor—Mental Health
Review:1 client review
Location:331 Wethersfield Ave
Hartford, CT 06114
Phone: 860-236-4511

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Left with a Disconbobulated Mind.....
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by Purplepony, Jan. 04, 2012

First time experience with a therapist.  At first it started out good and she seemed to be very knowledgable and trusting. Trusted her with very personal information and was going for certain issues that I thought she really understood.  Each week was a struggle just to get past the waiting room and sitting in that small office.  But she seemed to be helping and I was able to make through the week after each appointment.  I really trusted but in my mind was just waiting for her to do what every other person in my life had done....just leave...and that's what she did.  My mind just liked snapped because she messed my mind up so much...I have been living a nightmare the last four months because she stopped in the middle of treating me and now I'm left with no therapist and no doctor with no help at all.  I trusted as a professional regaurdless of her young age and not much expereince.  Professionals that work with the mentally ill should be a little more caring.   I have major issues with trusting people and she just took all that trust from me and all my time that I was putting in to going to my appointments and trying to get better and just left me a total mess. I will never go against my gut feeling and trust anyone again.  One day I hope she realized just because someone has a college education doesn't give you the right to mess with someone's thinking and try to brainwash them and then just toss them away.  This experience will be the end of me.  I just hope that her and other therapist really know they need to take their job seriously....because the mind is a serious thing.

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