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Name:Catherine Auth
Specialty:Social Worker—Clinical
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by aubonpain, Feb. 04, 2015

I sought help after being fired from a job (which at the time, I worried may have been due to the fact that I had ADD but was not taking Ritalin--as I didn't understand I needed it, since I had never taken any my whole life).  I was diagnosed late in life with ADD. I needed Auth to make a referral for me to be able to see someone to prescribe ADD medication. It took her many visits (about 4) before she filled out the paperwork for the referral, even though I repeatedly asked her, expressing concern for being on Ritalin for job interviews and starting a new job. Once she forgot about it —if not incompetent, definitely unprofessional. Out to lunch, for sure.

Every week I saw her she had little to nothing to say. She sat there passively taking notes while I poured my heart out about work, my mentally ill mother, etc. And felt guilty and confused about being fired. She never stopped to try to boost my self-esteem, no compassion, or try to help me sift through the confusing situation. She was so unresponsive I might have been talking to a wall.  After speaking with a friend I realized how unhelpful Auth had been. My feelings had not been validated, and she had not helped me to perform the necessary problem solving. Whenever we met what was discussed was almost never tied in with what we had discussed from the previous week. Our discussions had no organization. She rarely directed the conversation. When she did speak--very rare occasion, she would repeat things I had said previously. Sometimes word for word. Useless! I had a very good therapist years ago, she never would have paraphrased or repeated my words. She was smart. Unfortunately, she moved away.

One week, I mentioned that I was recently published in a book. She told me to bring it in. But she never bothered to mention it again, or to ask about seeing it. I realize she probably forgot. But in other ways, she showed no interest. At least fake interest, isn't that part of the job? And didn't offer my being published as something I should be proud about. A good therapist would have reminded their patient that this was something to show off at a job interview. Looking back on my time with her, this was the perfect opportunity to turn a negative conversation in to something positive. At least give back something, anything...

Months later, when I was in a new job I had a new perspective. My new job was the polar opposite of the place I was fired from. They appreciated me and worked to support their staff. I could see that it had not been my fault and had more to do with working in a disorganized and unprofessional work environment. Ritalin did help, but thats not why I was fired. I was a scapegoat. Auth didn't help me gain any new perspective; I was left to find it on my own. When you're down, sometimes you just need someone to help you see the light. She didn't even help to make me feel better. I feel myself now, but not because of Auth. If I could have only saw the pharmacologist without seeing her, I would have dropped her like a lead balloon. And I did, as soon as I could.

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