Name:Cheri A. Davis
Specialty:Massage Therapist
Other Specialties—CMT, CYT
Location:2305 Court St.
Redding, CA 96001
Phone: 530-917-0123
Advanced Massage in Redding for Pain Relief, Stress Reduction, Injury Recovery and Peace of Mind.

Based in Redding, CA, please see my massage and yoga website for deeper understanding about what I offer.

Know someone in Redding who needs a massage, but you don't live in Redding, I offer massage gift certificates through my website.

Trained at the prestigious Cortiva Institute in Seattle, WA, with over 1100 hours of initial massage therapy certification.

This is therapy from the inside out and outside in.

Certified Massage Therapist
Certified Yoga Teacher
Mind/Body Awareness Consultant

12 years professional massage therapy experience
14 years yoga experience.

Deep Tissue Massage
Relaxation Massage
Medical/Sports Injury Massage,
Energy Healing
Couples Massage Instruction
Couples Massage with my highly experienced massage colleagues
Yoga and Mind/Body Training and private classes.

A massage and yoga sanctuary of healing. Heart centered, sacred therapy for your mind/body. Dedicated to helping you heal, relax and re-connect to the essence of who you truly are.

Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Healing. Because Massage and Yoga Therapy encompasses many levels, I honor and respect whatever level of healing you wish to experience in your Mind/Body.
Mind/Body Awareness Consultations for Clarity, Presence and Inner Freedom.

Searching for high quality therapeutic massage therapy in Redding, CA? Check out Cheri Davis of Advanced Massage Solutions and Yoga
Cheri is one of Redding, Ca's top massage therapists and Yoga instructors.

Advanced Massage Solutions and Yoga offers high quality, therapeutic massage therapy and yoga instruction with conscious presence, insight and inner depth.

In addition to her massage therapy career, Cheri is also a yoga practitioner and instructor as well, so she has a powerful ability to connect and see your body from a truly holistic 3-D perspective.

Not only is Cheri Davis a massage therapist and Yoga instructor, she is also an alternative healing writer and has authored several health articles on massage therapy, yoga instruction, mind/body awareness guidance and healing.

Advanced Massage Solutions and Yoga in Redding, Ca offers many types of massage therapy, yoga therapies and alternative healing modalities.

Advanced Massage Solutions and Yoga is a massage and yoga sanctuary located in downtown Redding, CA. Cheri offers deep tissue massage therapy, relaxation massage, Sports massage therapy with a medical massage focus.
Advanced Massage Solutions and Yoga also offers Side by Side massage. Cheri specializes in couples massage private instruction as well as private yoga instruction.

Cheri's life path of teaming with other health care professionals has given her the skill to provide high quality medical massage for helping with injury recovery. Cheri's medical massage is highly focused. She has helped many people heal from injuries. She especially loves helping people recovery from whiplash, hip injuries and shoulder injuries. I accept car accident massage claims with a massage prescription referral from a Doctor, Chiropractor or P.A.

Namaste and Blessings,
Advanced Massage In Redding. Advanced Massage Solutions and Yoga

My massage and yoga services in Redding range from 60 to 100 an hour. I offer a one time introductory massage special at $50 for an hour.

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