Cheryl Ann Schiavo, Review

Cheryl Ann Schiavo, Review

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by rnchbudsf, Apr. 04, 2010

My partner and I were VERY LUCKY to have found Cheryl when we did.  Our relationship was in crisis and Cheryl has, in short order, pulled us back from the "brink of disaster" and continues to work with us to help better understand each others' vulnerabilities, fears, etc.  Cheryl has been very interactive with us collectively, and individually (on occasion, when circumstances warranted that), and has provided heartfelt guidance, support, etc... But, most of all she has helped us to recognize, realize, and understand core roots to our own individual emotions, thought processes, and actions; and has been instrumental in establishing a place where we feel safe to "release the pain" of long-repressed emotions in ourselves, and to openly discuss these pains, where they have come from or been based upon, and how or why they have relevance to the problems that took our relationship into crisis mode in the beginning.  We are (I am) a "work in progress" because even though we/I have known (on an intellectual level) the bases of these deep-seated emotions, we/I have never allowed ourselves/myself to "come to terms" with these on any deeper level because we've/I've never felt "safe" to address them individually,  with each other, or with anyone else.  We have each individually been through a "laundry list" of other therapists, counselors, etc. but have rejected each and every one because we've/I've never felt safe to "open up" beyond that intellectual level with anyone else - until now with Cheryl.  And, the emotions keep "pouring out."  Thank you, Cherly, for providing this "safe haven," and for giving us/me much needed guidance and direction!     

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