Christine K Gill, Review

Christine K Gill, Review

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by Kim14, Jan. 15, 2015

When i forst started seeing Chris, she was friendly and easily accessable. When my hours at work were cut and i could only (barely) afford to go bi-weekly, things changed. I explained my financial situation with her, and even though her website claims she works on a sliding scale for payment, she refused to work with me on that. She then became less available and seemed to be distracted during session. She was easy to talk with about the small, everyday stuff, but didnt even try to redirect the conversation back to the reasons i was even seeing a therapist. When i was going weekly, she ensured we stayed on track with my goals and stayed on topic, it was when we had to cut back on sessions it seems like she pretty much stopped even trying to redirect our conversations. She even said on several occassions "its your hour, talk about whatever you want. Its your money." it seems to me, when i had the money to go, i was valuable. When I didn't, thats when i wasnt as important anymore.
The summer of 2014 i was going through a very dark depression. I texted her that i had stockpiled over 100 pills (trazodone, citralopram, xanax, 800 mgs of Ibuprophen, 2 epi pens and a bottle of allergy medication.) she just told me to flush the pills and we would discuss it at next session (A week and a half later.) during the week and a half she never checked on me at all to see if I was ok. During session she didnt bring it up, either.  we engaged in small talk and then toward the end of session I brought it up. She informed me she believed i was exaggerating the amount of pills i had stored up as i didnt have photographic proof and i was just saying it for attention. Excuse me, when someone tells their therapist about a suicide plan, i would expect it to be taken seriously. It wasnt.
When i was going frequently, i felt like she really listened and cared about me as a person. When i had to cut back, thats when she would make certain i knew that i was just a client. During our last session i asked her for homework. That was in October. She always promised to email me some, but, as of mid-December (after several empty promises) i still hadnt recieved any. I would think a therapist would want clients to work on issues toward reaching their goals during "off time" but apparently this one didnt feel it necessary toward the end. It really made me feel like i wasnt worth the time or effort for her to keep her word to me.
Looking back, I feel like i wasted a lot of time and money. I took a chance and trusted her with some serious stuff and, right now i really dont think she even cared. I was just a client....not a human being with a name and feelings. -Kim

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by Kim14 2015-01-15 00:19:48
P.S. This experience has totally soured me on therapy as a whole. I will never go to another one. Its not worth it.

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