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Name:Colleen Way
Specialty:Counselor—Mental Health
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Location:505 Avenue B Nw
Winter Haven, FL 33881
Phone: 863-412-5161

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by Rebuiltstronger, Dec. 15, 2016

I am a retired, successful engineer, a decorated military officer and a husband in a beautiful marriage.  Nonetheless, a year ago, emotional pain and unanswered cries tore at the very fabric of my being; confusion, anger, and hate became old companions.  I had gone to  counselors who could label the issue but couldn’t answer or help me understand why I was in the box which I was in and seemed to expect me to heal myself.  That is like having a mechanic who tells you what is wrong with the car but cannot help you fix it.  I was going deeper down a road which would destroy me, my job would be a place of ridicule and torment and my marriage (although strong) would be taxed daily and be only a dream of what it once was.  Then I found Ms. Colleen Way, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, in Winter Haven.  Colleen never made me feel as if I should be able to change overnight.  She respected my dignity and self-worth and treated me with an unparalleled compassionate and empathetic adeptness, supporting and encouraging my positive changes.  She helped me face my feelings, understand them and get to the route cause.  When I was too weak to stand on my own, she protected me, encouraged me and gently put me back on my feet.  When I became stronger and could stand on my own, albeit a little wobbly, she patiently let me stumble and find my way, occasionally gently nudging me back on the table if I got too close to the edge.  

The most important aspect of her counseling was her approach--it is like none I have ever seen, and it made all the difference!  To paraphrase her belief, Colleen helped me learn to minimize my weaknesses by recognizing my strengths and grow in the process, and, in doing so, she gave me a confidence and power that I never realized I had.  Granted she is so easy to talk with, but it was her belief that in order for her to be a successful psychotherapist, she has to “see the world through [my] eyes” which sets her apart from every counselor to whom I have ever been (all of which obviously fell short of the mark).  She fills the session with positive results rather than reading some meaningless words out of a college school book or some homogenized, synthesized elocution given by so many counselors, to wit:  “You need to do this,” or “Why do you do this when you know you can’t change that?”  

Her dogged efforts to get to the bottom of it all, to help me see understand the “why” and most importantly to help me through it all makes this counselor so unique and so effective.  If you want to be better and not just have someone listen to you complain while you die in place, then I have to implore you to seek her out.  She is so different and in so saying, she is so remarkable.  

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