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by dasmysts, Mar. 16, 2012

She is very professional with her job and know it well. She is creative with getting people she helps to find different ways to look at themselves in the real world. She is warm and strong both. Has a way to make her clients want to open up. She fully listens and assures her client what she is hearing before coming to a positive way to work toward more helpful goals to deal with everyday situations that can make someone with mental health issues more stressful. She makes goals more reachable for her clients, so that they can not fail or do not fear failure when they might feel they will. Cynthia is very creative with goal setting, and she has a full understanding of her clients issues, concerns and needs. She does not fear stepping outside the box some to reach out or get some to want to reach out. She is a kind spoken therapist, and shows others that she cares. Not to put any off, but she knows how to push clients to want to change themselves to become stronger people without leaving her professionalism she should always have in this field. She clearly explains her treatment plans, and most important, she only assist with creating the treatment plan so that the client is fully making self decisions to improve themselves as they deem ready. When she is in session with one of her clients, she is fully focused to the client and does not get distracted. She has an ability to remember her clients from week to week, month to month so that the client don't feel they have to keep repeating their thoughts and issues at every session, also this makes a client feel that what they may say isn't always going to forgotten. She is human and has to be told somethings again but we all have that problem at times, she doesn't as much. She must review her clients file some before meeting with them, which is or would be good. To tell you the truth, I don't think I personally can think of anything not positive to say because she is a wonderful, warm, and kind person.
I am a mental patient, so what I may have to say probably is of no concern, however I will say this last thing. I have the most difficult time with trusting others with my thoughts, fears and life issues because every time I find that one person I do trust, somehow I get hurt somehow or regret I went so deep. I tend to fear anyone working in the mental health field completely, for fear of hospitalization or having myself in a position I can not control myself. With her, I would tell her anything she asked. When I can't, it's not because I'm holding back from truths, it's because I can not form the words. She don't form words in your mouth when you do try, she is careful with that. This therapist has no fear to bring up feelings in others, that may not sound good, but it is a good thing because we who fear ourselves because of our feelings that may hurt, we are the ones that need a therapist like this even though it may be uncomfortable. Life isn't real without all feeling, that means even the ones people run from. Crying is health, and for us that its unsafe to do, a therapist like this one is who your looking for because behind all those tears and feelings there is someone hidden and who knows it may be that person you been looking for. I can not say, because I don't know who or what I'm looking for but its an journey and as any journey you will have bad with the good with in yourself.

I wish I had known this therapist a lot sooner in life, but everyone we meet, everything we do is a learning experience or at least it could be. I could go on for days and I don't want anyone thinking I am putting her on a high pedestal that people with mental illness tend to do because I am not saying anything that is a lie her. She is a gift to this field. I can't think of anything I would change about her ways, but as far as a wish for her, yes I have a couple, but thats my thoughts. Go talk to someone who truly sees a better day for you with positive thinking, you'll be glad you had.

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