Dana Grasso Gillispie, LCSW

Name:Dana Grasso Gillispie
Specialty:Social Worker—Clinical
Review:1 client review
Location:600 Round Rock West Dr
Suite 606
Round Rock, TX 78681
Phone: 512-238-6270
Fax: 512-671-9415

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1 client review of Dana Grasso Gillispie scored 1 out of 5.

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by pippiclark, Feb. 13, 2016

Even with everything you did I never thought you would screw up this bad. You wanted to make this look like it was all my fault. Like I was the one crossing all the boundaries, that I couldn't do anything right. And I just accepted it. I accepted the way you talked to me, the way you were constantly angry at me,  the way you made me feel like I was never good enough and could never do anything right. I accepted it all because you were the therapist and you said I could trust you. I really did care about you,  and if I'm honest with myself I still do even if i don't want to. But all you did was lie to me from the beginning. You never cared about me, you never really tried to help me get better and you never wanted to be my therapist. And it shows all throughout everything you wrote in my file. And then when you finally found a reason good enough to terminate (even though it honestly had nothing to do with me and you were accusing me of something I never did) you screwed that up too! You couldn't even be ethical about the termination and crossed more boundaries than toy could ever falsely accuse me of crossing. You didn't even care if you might hurt your patient in the process, all you ever cared about was yourself. Next time before taking on a patient,  maybe you should really consider if you want to be there for them,  if you want to be their therapist or if you want to screw them over and hurt them and not follow rules that legally and ethically you were suppose to. In the termination session you kept throwing at me that you were doing this to be ethical. Nothing about you is ethical and I have proof of that!

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