Devin Marie Applebee, MS

Name:Devin Marie Applebee
Specialty:Other Specialties—Genetic Counselor
Review:1 client review
Location:1 Medical Center Dr
Lebanon, NH 03756
Phone: 603-653-6025
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Genetics Counselor that is CLEARLY genetically messed up!
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by GiGi2012, Sep. 19, 2013

I feel it is important for me to write this review for people out there that could possibly have Ms. Applebee as a genetics counselor. My daughter was 20 weeks pregnant when an ultrasound unfortunately diagnosed my grandson with a cystic hygroma and fetal hydrops. During the painful time of making these excruciating decisions Ms. Applebee although appeared educated in her knowledge I found her to be slightly unprofessional. While trying to help my daughter to understand what was going on and help her make decisions she had this odd grin on her face and had an annoying trait of interrupting and over-talking. HOWEVER after the still birth of my grandson I thought we would never have to deal with Ms. Applebee again Until 3 months later! When she called my daughter on the phone OUT of the blue and without asking my daughter how she was doing (neglecting to know that my daughter had just found out the day PRIOR that she was pregnant again) and without asking her if she was with anyone at that moment or what environment she was in OR if she cared to know why she was calling decided to BLURT out that she felt that my daughter lost her son due to a rare genetic defect that she has NO proof or back-up for her statement. I don't know where Ms. Applebee got the idea to just call a patient up and do this to her but I will tell you it was WRONG and UNPROFESSIONAL and I hope NO other woman has to deal with that again. She shouldn't be able to deal with people. She should stick in a lab with her fake smile and her rotten disposition and stop trying to pretend she is a helpful healthcare provider because she's NOT.

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