Douglas Schlittner, LCSW

Name:Douglas Schlittner
Specialty:Social Worker—Clinical
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Location:25825 Vermont Ave
Harbor City, CA 90710
Phone: 310-325-5111
Fax: 626-405-6768

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by forgivenessheals, Jun. 06, 2012

A dangerously rude, posturing, possibly incompetent, Dr. Laura sort. I've benefited numerous times in my life from my experience with gifted and caring therapists, but got stuck with this lemon through the Kaiser system. Although I was highly motivated to work on my depression, he seemed to make sure that every tool he dispensed, I had to beg for. He acted supremely bored and shrugged off requests for advice. His tongue seemed to be always in his cheek.  When I asked for practical advice, for homework, he theatrically, and begrudgingly, scribbled down the name of a book. When I told him I had marital problems, he shrugged, "So get divorced."  When I told him I wasn't willing to inflict divorce on the kids just yet, he shrugged, "So what do you want me to do?"  On the third or fourth visit, confronting my feelings of being too stupid to work in my field (I teach writing), he boasted, "I can blow your thinking out of the water in less than a minute."  He asked, "Do stupid people get hired to teach writing?" I said, Yes, sometimes (I was very depressed, but I was absolutely sincere).  He fired me on the spot, saying I clearly had no interest in recovering.  I was speechless, the session was ten minutes old, and I insisted on sitting there for the rest of my time.  Still trying to decide if he was a genius or a complete lunatic. I got well, but it took time, and I had to find my own way. The wife I wouldn't divorce wound up divorcing me. Schlittner will be a character in a Ben Stiller movie one day.         

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by Growing1250 2012-11-05 13:37:21
Your experience sounds terrible. I have heard disturbing stories about people coming across bad therapists and this one sounds particularly damaging and unprofessional. I hope you are not still working with him. I personally had a really empathic therapist (also an LCSW) in the Kaiser system who helped me through some incredibly tough times. Now that I've moved out of state I miss her approach. I hope your experience does not keep you from seeking out help with someone else within the system (especially if it is the only option you have). I was lucky enough to get my therapist on my first attempt at seeking help through Kaiser. And, even though I didn't initially have high hopes for therapy, it ended up helping me change my mind about myself. The reason I mention this is because I can relate to some of the issues you went to therapy for. I taught at a community college in the area before moving out of state and had similar self-esteem issues about being in the profession. All my best wishes to you.

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