Dr. Alan Ray Bonebrake, Review

Dr. Alan Ray Bonebrake, Review

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by LaTr, Nov. 30, 2013

Sadly, too many of these surveys are generic with excellent being the sign of a good physician.  Very occasionally a doctor warrants a different level of rating.  Dr. Bonebrake is one of the very few doctors that would fall into that category.  

I have suffered for over 20 years with various ailments and have been shuffled from doctor to doctor as one would give up on ideas and refer me to someone else. I received many diagnoses such as Lupus, a brain tumor, fibromyalgia and had procedures ranging from regular steroid shots and pills to surgeries to attempt to bring pain relief.
Approximately 3 years ago I gave up on the list of specialists and went to see Dr. Bonebrake.  I have since found answers and relief to most ALL of my pains.  

At one point I proceeded with a radical level of foot surgery that I was assured by a podiatrist was the ONLY way to relief my foot pain enough to walk.  The pain was NOT relieved.  After 2 more years of barely being able to walk, Dr. Bonebrake relieved my foot pain in a matter of a month.  That was over 2 years ago.  I have had a much lesser level of pain return a couple of times to which Dr. Bonebrake was able to relieve me off with a couple of treatments.  

Through Dr. Bonebrake's nutritional counseling, I have learned that what all the specialists wanted to diagnose as a major illness is actually an inflammation reaction to food sensitivities.  When I remain on Dr. Bonebrake's nutrition plan, I am virtually pain free.  When I choose to eat what I want, all of the general body pains return.

20 years of no answers from multiple other doctors and a continual decrease in my overall health and it took a few months of treatments for Dr. Bonebrake to help my get most of my health issues under control.  

I know this is a long review, but too many people out there are listening to doctors that say that there is no help with their problems and the only solution is to learn to live with pain.  DO NOT BELIEVE THIS!

If you are tired of doctors not listening to you and prescribing one useless pill after another, try Dr. Bonebrake.  I know from experience, he will take the time to talk and listen to you.  He does an initial assessment of your health that I can promise no other doctor has ever done.  Dr. Bonebrake's knowledge of the working of the body is amazing.  He asks questions you will have never thought about and finds things other doctors either did not know or have not taken the time to learn about on their own.

I hope this review has been helpful.  If you are in pain and don't know what else to do.  Give Dr. Bonebrake a try.  Doing so for me has absolutely changed my life.

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