Dr. Alex M. Siegel, Review

Dr. Alex M. Siegel, Review

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by therapy4kidsNteens, Aug. 05, 2010

Dr. Siegel was kind, knowledgeable and respectful.  I found his demeaner calming and nurturing.  His therapuetic techniques were comforting and he was able to guide me through a very rough time in my life.

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by KayGreen 2010-10-03 01:00:41
I don't think everyone would agree with you, "therapy4kidsNteens"

A Google search of Dr. Alex M. Siegel, Ph.D  led me to a website called Ethical-Fairness.com. A forensic psychologist wrote a peer review of Dr. Siegel in connection to a psychological evaluation Dr. Siegel wrote and it's on this website. Apparently, in the opinion of the forensic psychologist Dr. Siegel made terrible mistakes which resulted in great harm to the person he was evaluating. In describing Dr. Siegel's work product with regard to the evaluation he conducted, the forensic psychologist states, in his professional opinion, that Dr. Siegel did not use standardized procedures, and that Dr. Siegel "failed to meet the Ethical Guidelines as promulgated by the American Psychological Association for Forensic Psychologists."  The report goes on for fifteen pages describing many purported procedural and ethical failures of Dr. Alex M. Siegel in this matter.

The peer review report is both interesting and very disturbing. There is no question that the unfortunate subject of Dr. Alex M. Siegel's psychological evaluation suffered tremendously as a result of Dr. Siegel's faulty evaluation techniques and other ethical failures.

It is a worthwhile read and I for one am glad that reports like these are beginning to appear on the Internet. It is important to do your research very carefully before selecting any mental health professional.  Patients often pick their psychologist based on nothing more than how much their insurance will cover, and location. When psychologists mess up, patients suffer, and sadly they often have a hard time proving it. Furthermore, patients have very little  recourse to do anything about it except perhaps warn others, as it appears the subject of Dr. Siegel's psychological evaluation is trying to do by posting the peer review report on the Ethical-Fairness.com website.

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