Dr. Brenda M. Malka, Review

Dr. Brenda M. Malka, Review

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by Yolanda, Jul. 08, 2010

Dr. Malka is simply amazing. I am a long time athlete, and have been going to chiropractors and getting massage for years....all pale in comparison.

Last year I went to Dr. Malka while studying for the Cal Bar Exam, and without Dr. Malka, I am not sure I would have passed.

She got me in on short time frames constantly, took her time taking care of every ache and pain, and truly went out of her way to accommodate me.

Her use of many different techniques, attention to detail and memory truly set her apart from every chiropractor I have ever been to.

It seriously bothers me that I was forced to move an hours drive away from this amazing woman.  She had my back and body feeling better than it ever had, and this is with 2 herniated disks, constant vigorous exercise, and high stress levels.  

You MUST go to her if you are having any back issues, or just want to feel better.

Also - she called to check in on how the bar went, my results, etc.

She is a beautiful person, as well as an amazing doctor, and her entire staff are great people.

I cannot recommend anyone higher than Dr. Malka. Go to her once, and I promise you will agree with me.  

I saw one chiropractor before Dr. Malka for over a year and there is on comparison.  

Dr. Malka is much easier to talk to, be relaxed around, is very thorough in her care, very efficient, explains the care that I need, and has a wonderful bedside manner.

Since I have been seeing Dr. Malka I have regained ALL the use of my right arm, which was injured back in 2004.

I actually have days of no pain in that arm now, something I had long ago given up on.  

My mobility in my back and hips has very much improved, as well as my pain levels going down.  

I am extremely happy to have found Dr. Malka and hope to continue care with her for years to come.

Dr. Malka is such a kind and wonderful person, and she has helped in my healing process.  Unlike so many healers I've met, she doesn't have a meltdown or think you're terrible for challenging her or making simple requests for your treatment.  I look forward to my appointments with her.  

She's a very caring and considerate healer.

Thanks Dr. Malka for making my life so much better.

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