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by Wolfiesmom, Oct. 09, 2015

I was scheduled with Dr Eimore under Medicare for an evaluation for pain management. Dr Eimore does Cash/200 dollars an hour hypnosis out of another office in Huntington Valley for weight loss, road rage, nail biting, smoking, job promotion, and sells an assortment of hypnosis downloads on the internet for cash. I was not aware of this.
My pain doctor had scheduled the appointment and my husband took the day off to take me. We arrived 1/2 hour early and filled out the forms. When I went into the office, I was chastised by Dr Eimore repeatedly, for assuming that he would know that my appointment was for an evaluation. When asked about my pain, I said I have had pain for 8 years, I cried. He said, " This is not helping me." I was afraid to speak. I had numerous spinal surgeries. Dr Eimore stated that my surgeons operated, "only for the money." I replied that they were chief of neurosurgery at Jefferson and chief of Orthopedics at Rothman Institute, Jefferson University Hospital. He still did not believe me. I should not have to defend my surgeons. He criticized my current pain management physician and repeatedly told me how busy he was in the 10 minutes I was with him, "Who was I to assume he would know that my appointment was for an evaluation?" He stated that MRI's were "Useless". I mentioned that I was being treated for both cervical and lumbar pain, he yelled that I "WAS NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE PAIN IN 2 PLACES." He again chastised me for interfering with his busy schedule and assuming he would know my appointment was for an evaluation. I was afraid to speak for the 10 minutes, I was in the room with Dr Eimore. Finally, I saw him for what he was. He is a complete fake, who should never be allowed to damage another medicare/insurance pain patient. I walked out of his office after telling him this.
He has several websites, many of which will harm your computer. He is involved in training people with firearms and an advocate of the NRA. For 16 thousand dollars, you can loose 10/20 pounds with hypnosis. He promises anything for cash. I was not allowed to have pain in 2 places, but Dr Eimore states that he cured himself of Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Fibromyalgia (which is widespread), Myofacial pain Syndrome, yada yada, using his hypnosis.
This man is dangerous to any patient who comes near him.I was up the entire night, depressed, angry. My husband lost a day's pay. If I were willing to pay him 200 dollars a session to loose 10 pounds and sign a contract for 8 sessions, he would be very nice. But, I am a severely disabled elderly woman, on medicare, who cannot walk and just wants help with the horrible pain I have suffered for the last 8 years.

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