Dr. Cecilia Marin, Licensed Psychologist

Name:Cecilia Marin
Marriage & Family Therapist
Other Specialties—Testing & evaluations
Location:340 Minorca Ave
Suite 3
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone: 305-764-2333
I offer therapeutic services to adults, couples, young adults, families and children as well as, developmental and psychological assessments in both English and Spanish.

As a Bilingual/Bicultural Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Miami Fl, I provide a motivating, insightful and empathic approach while working with you. No matter what your reasons are for seeking out treatment, I truly understand the challenging yet uneasy feelings involved when deciding on making a personal and life changing decision such as this one. Although changes and transitions are universal, the way a person interprets and reacts to that change varies greatly.

In terms of treatment, I believe early experiences with our parental figures imprint the way we view and relate with others. Therefore, I use an interpersonal, strength based style in which I work collaboratively with you throughout the process. I tend to emphasize on your personal strengths and restructure unhealthy, self-perpetuating negative cognitions. Additionally, I regard the therapeutic relationship as a vital tool that will assist us at identifying important dynamics, in relation to you and or the presenting issue. By focusing, aiming, and bringing to awareness the intricacies of your past and how it is revealed by your present dynamics (how you relate with others, how you think of others, how you view yourself, etc.) you may start to understand the complexities of the self and the  many shared life roles one partakes in.

Everyones journey and therapeutic encounters are different; however, personal growth and healing is what we (you and I), will focus on, while working on your individualized goals and objectives.

If you are interested in starting this journey with me, contact my office to schedule an appointment. Feeling 'stuck' should not be an option.
The Wright InstituteDoctor of Psychology (Psy.D)Clinical Psychology2008
Language:Spanish and English

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