Dr. Chloe Freya Gundst PhD, Chloe F. Gundst, PhD

Name:Chloe Freya Gundst PhD
Other Specialties—Criminal Profiler/Psychological Predictors
Location:806 Sierra Vista Drive
Unit Twenty
Las Vegas, NV 89169
Phone: 646-926-3660
You are looking through all the possibilities for consulting firms or individuals to hire because you are interested in connecting with someone you can trust.  You don't get a chance to let your hair down while enjoying a couple of cocktails and just throw it all out in the air when discussing your business plans or needs.  It seems you always feel cornered into the square box and working within the box for their needs not your own, and when the day is done sometimes you feel you've divulged too much and maybe lost some advantage.
There are a lot of people who may have earned the baccalaureates in rhetoric. You hear their words and watch their moves as they try to do the six year old show and tell manipulation game before the class.  "Wow," gasps the class as someone puts the picture with the weekend and the closed jar of bugs.  

I am a retired doctor of research psychology now licensed in the States of Nevada and New Mexico as a consultant.  Over a period of thirty years I worked in some high risk undercover jobs complete with identity and contacts who were often insurance companies though sometimes private hire or government. Much of my education, nearly all, was private tutor and private government.  I was disallowed to disclose who I was or where I was from often under court order or writ.

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