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Name:David M. Bortnick
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by PatientB, Apr. 11, 2018

Had some testing done and this guys report was something else.  He accused me of exaggerating my symptoms instead of asking for clarification and had no patience to wait for an explanation.  I observed a Libertarian political sign at the office that made some of the inaccurate bias in the report understandable.  His negative comments regarding my pursuit of Social Security Disability in the report did not make sense to me until I put two and two together last night.  It seems he may be letting his political and personal views cloud his judgment.  I don't think he knew what to do with me and my extremely unique medical situation having survived multiple traumas and his report shows it.  He accused me of exaggerating my symptoms and also of not putting forth effort without realizing that a few words are easy for me to deal with but when you rattle off a list of words and expect me to remember it I cannot.  By the fifth or sixth words I am getting my attention distracted by word associations and memories attached to the words.  He didn't pick up on this and wrote it off as if I wasn't putting forth effort.  Also I was in a great deal of pain and sitting is and was very painful and uncomfortable.  He failed to make note of this in his report which is a big and I mean really big thing to either not realize or to leave out of the report with absolutely no mention.  I have an extremely complicated and extensive medical history involving multiple traumas, complex injuries, and my various medical charts from over the years read like novels.  And as unbelievable as the list of things that have happened to me over my lifetime is, all of the items on it are true and backed up by witnesses, medical records, police reports and ambulance trip sheets.  So it's bad enough that I have to live with all of the things that I deal with the last thing that I need is some Neuropsychologist throwing together a sloppy report and painting a portrayal of me as a liar who is making up his medical symptoms especially when I was there seeking help and understanding.  

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