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Great example of an unbiased professional that cares about the children
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by 730Value, Sep. 27, 2015

She did a 730 child custody evaluation for me and I was impressed on her diligence. She is a remarkable professional and has a superior ability to conduct a detailed study of a situation and determined to seek the truth for the benefit of the children.  I recommend her to anyone that is being denied time with their children due to false allegations.

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Dr. Diane Kelley - very biased and TERRIBLE custody evaluator
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by drkelleysucks, Jun. 13, 2012

Dr. Kelley is terrible. Her report to the court revealed misquotes and words taken totally out of context.  she was clearly very biased and recommended that custody of my two children should go to their father, a man with a history of domestic violence, psychological problems, and an arrest for possession of cocaine.

fortunately, my children are with me and haven't seen their father in years.

Her billing practices are suspect as well.  all this woman cares about is money.  seemingly, she does not care about "the best interests of the child"

If you value your child's safety, stay FAR FAR AWAY from this woman.  She is absolutely awful.

* this reviewer has be with this therapist for <6 months
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by tabby 2012-06-27 04:08:57
Worst doctor and custody evaluator in the state…and on the court’s panel. My new attorney told me that even other attorneys feel she is all about money and lack morals and ethics. Come one people, for an attorney to say that about somebody given their reputation on a whole you know she’s bad. The last attorney I had was a personal friend of hers and told me to choose DR. Kelly from the court’s list as my evaluator because she was professional and fair but she screwed him too and he said he’ll never use her again.   

I agree with what the others said, she is all about the money $$$$$$ and she charges you for every little thing, including stamps. She charges ridiculous administrative fees to type the custody report when she obviously uses a template because there were names listed in the report that had nothing to do with our case and she would refer to interested parties as Ms. XYZ then say “he” instead of “she” consistently throughout the report—like Dr. Kelley inserted a name in the template and forgot to change the gender. There were so many grammatical errors and misspelled words in the report my attorney and I thought she mistakenly sent the rough draft instead of the final draft. I know doctors are known for having horrible handwriting but damn hit spell/grammar check before the final draft is sent out—or fire the idiot who typed it with the errors. I was charged close to $600 for Dr. Kelley to edit the report—WTF!  

According to the new evaluator assigned to my case, Dr. Kelly’s testing procedures are highly inappropriate and do not follow forensic testing procedures and would not hold up in court. The test was given to me, my husband, my ex-husband and his girlfriend by her receptionist of all people—the same person who answers her phone and probably the same idiot who typed the custody report. She couldn’t explain to me why I had to take the test, what it was about or what it was testing for…she just kept saying, “because it’s required by the court” like a robot. She must have seen that I was irritated by her incompetence because she went into the office area and asked some one else the questions that I was asking her and came back with half decent answers. My new evaluator says the assessments are to be administered, scored and interpreted by someone licensed and trained in psychological testing—which I’m guessing her receptionist is not.         

I think the worst part about Dr. Kelley’s evaluation procedure is that she misquoted so much of what was said and took things way out of context. She takes notes and asks you to stop your train of thought so she can keep up. She does not record the interviews so it becomes your word against hers as to the accuracy of the quote. Her notes are sloppy, illegible and riddled with misspelled words and inaccurate information—I found this out after subpoenaing her files. She tried to ignore the subpoena, which cost me hundreds in process serving fees. She also threw some of her chicken-scratch notes away in the waste paper basket at my house—big mistake on her part, but evidence for my case against her.   

My new attorney said it is almost impossible to go after this doctor for ethical violations (which I can name several she violated) because the board sticks up for psychologist—especially in a custody case. But he suggested that I could get her kicked off the panel for the court, which I’m in the process of doing. Her testing procedures alone should be questionable enough to start an investigation, that added to the fact that I have proof that she had ex parte communication with my old attorney should be enough to get her ass kicked off the panel. I highly recommend others send their complaints to the courts as well…lets band together on this one. Dr. Kelley should not be allowed to continue to do child custody evaluations. The court is not the Board of Psychology, they’ll take our complaints more seriously.
by tsigalus 2012-09-16 00:12:44
please contact me about this horrible women, I want her license taken away!

by thetruthabout 2013-07-03 17:23:15
Diane Kelly is horrible...she didn't even interview me, had her "intern" do it... she only cared about her money and would not release the report until she had every cent in her greedy little palm... soaked me hundreds of $$$ to drive 5 miles from her office to my home in palos verdes she is an absolute disgrace...sloppy work, she didn't even have my correct name in her bogus, biased report and the one who suffered was the child...Kelly never even read letters from my family and friends as she drafted the report BEFORE the letters were sent... my ex is an abuser, was convicted of DV and she suggested the child live with him knowing full well the child was sleeping on the living room floor of his aunt's bungalow... she was advised that father didn't come home many night leaving the child with no way to get to school... Kelly is clueless and I doubt she has children of her own...

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