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Name:Edward William Vien
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by Tryingtoprotectmyson, Aug. 23, 2013

Dr Vien performed the  parental assessment in the custody battle over my son.  I was very surprised by the results.  I sought the assessment hoping to minimize court costs and reduce conflict. Dr. Vien failed to follow the ethical guidelines of his profession.  He was dishonest.  He contacted my former therapist, Susan Captein.  He lied about what she told him.  When I contacted her she promptly wrote a letter disavowing what Dr. Vien claims she said.  He put words into her mouth disparaging my character.  

He failed to include in his report important information that I had provided to him including:

1. my ex, Rachel Browning's theft from the City of Portland, her having to pay back the city $16,995, her admission to the theft (see page 10 of the City of Portland's Ombudsman's report 2012).  A simple google search of Cabell Group fraud will bring up articles regarding the theft.  I gave Dr. Vien incontrovertible evidence of this.  He failed to include it.  I do not want my son raised believing that stealing is acceptable.

2.  Dr. Vien failed to include that Ms. Browning has an eating disorder.  Dr. Vien failed to confirm this with Dr. Bonnie Comfort whom Ms. Browning and I saw for couple therapy.  I had to give  permission for Ms. Browning to see Ms. Comfort for individual therapy specifically regarding this issue.  I was present in couple therapy when the issues was brought up.  When Ms. Comfort revealed that she was an eating disorder specialist as well as a recovering compulsive eater herself. Ms. Browning claims my son eats compulsively.  I have never seen him do so.  It is my opinion that this is her projecting her unresolved issue onto my son. She can not control herself so she tries to control others.  My son would complain to me about his mom eating all of his Halloween candy.  Dr. Vien failed to include any of this in his report.

3.  Dr. Vien failed to include in his report that Ms. Browning left my son home alone when he had a broken leg.  My son said it was OK because he could get into his wheel chair to get to the bathroom.  He was 7 when his leg was broken.   There was no phone for him to call out with in case of emergency. My son is on the Autism Spectrum.  The legal age for leaving a typically developed child home alone in Oregon is 10. I provided a recording to Dr. Vien, of my son telling me about being left at home alone.  None of this is in his report.  Dr. Vien is a "mandatory reporter" which means that legally he should have contacted Child Protective Services regarding this issue.  I don't believe he did so.  My son's regular therapist did report to CPS.

There is more, but I believe that I have provided enough specific information to provide you with a sense of necessary caution regarding Dr. Vien.  If you wish to contact me regarding my experience my phone is 503-267-0156.

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