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Debilitating nerve injury under Dr. Glenn's care; Read consent form carefully of potential risks.
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by BAngela, Nov. 04, 2015

I saw Dr. Glenn for several visits beginning in November of 2014 for soreness in my back and forearms.  Unfortunately, during a physical intervention in January of 2015, his assistant, Paul Andersen, abruptly leaned his full body weight on a point just above my right elbow, damaging a radial nerve and causing an immediate paralysis of the extensor muscles of my forearm. I was for many months totally unable to lift my right wrist and thus could not, for example, write, type, hold a fork, or brush my hair.  I also had a one month old baby, and it distressed (and limited) me to care for her with only my left arm.  I immediately sought evaluation and treatment at Stanford Neurology, and fortunately, under Dr. Joanna Dearlove's expert care, I began to recover substantial function between 6 and 9 months after the injury. I can now type, but I still do not have total recovery - for example, I was an accomplished amateur pianist and can no longer play, with my right hand, passages that were effortless a year ago.  

To add insult to injury, as it were, I found Dr. Glenn and his staff quite unsympathetic and unsupportive - both medically and emotionally.

Your results may be different, but I suggest anyone be careful of this clinic: I certainly would not wish my experience on anyone else.  

I recommend carefully reading Dr. Glenn's Informed Consent Form before signing, reviewing the potential risks listed (such as sprain injuries, irritation of disc conditions, fractures, and strokes that can cause serious neurological impairment) that can result from his chiropractic care.

Dr. Glenn's response to me after the injury:

"While I stand behind the care given and feel everything was done appropriately during your treatment here, I would like to see if I can assist you."

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