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what a coward
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by notjanerunionsfriend, Nov. 18, 2011

I thought she would be a useful professional to give me some assistance in a dysfunctional family situation. She "screened" me in a telephone discussion and because my family problems were too "serious" she declined to be my psychologist. She said she only treated "anxiety" conditions. Ironically, one of my previous doctors said I suffer from "anxiety" conditions. She was not empathetic. Her inquiry was superficial. Is she having a bad day? Is her husband giving her a hard time? She didn't respond in a professional manner, and I'm glad now that we're parting ways. She is too scared and unprofessional to be in a helping profession.

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by volva 2012-01-05 19:50:10
It's been my experience that often therapists like to know what an individual's issue/s are before they agree to treat them.  I don't think that it's unusual or unprofessional that Dr. Runion asked about the situation or told you she didn't think she could help you.  
It's too bad that you felt her demeanor was negligent, however you can be glad that you realized after a phone call that it wouldn't work as opposed to spending $$$.
by notjanerunionsfriend 2012-02-22 04:59:15
She's in a "helping" profession, and screening patients so that psychologists only deal with the most "normal" types of patients (not bipolar, not schizo) is a result of the stigma against the mentally ill. It's negligent when a psychologist is herself subject to the stigma against the mentally ill. She is supposed to be trained to know better. She's suppossed to be empathetic, and if she can't be empathetic she should find a different profession.

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