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by baba, Jun. 12, 2010

On a personal level, Dr. Italia conveys warmth and welc oming, a sense of trustworthyness and that he genuinely cares.  This put me at ease immediately.  While Dr. Italia ia\s well-able to roll up his sleevews and work with trying problems and issues weighing heavily on the shoulders of his clients, he is affirming of one as they are now...that they have done alot, endured alot, helped others, considered others and generally accomplished much to be proud.  It is not as though we begin from Zero hoping to reach 1 then 3 and after strenuous work and more money than we can affored maybe 4 or weven 5.  This is inc orrect in Dr. Italia's view.  We are okay with some rough edges, some big problems maybe, but we have the inner fiber to get going and get more balanced and healthy.  We have a right to enjoy ouyr lives and we have done much to get where we are that is positive and permanent.  So, we beigin to define what the problem areas are and then, how to approach each one.  Dr. Italia has many techniques for  discovering these areas with his clients...he askes we record our dreams, for example, to describe our feelings about different areas of our lives, to describe our hopes, fears, goals, reservations...our strengths and weaknesses from our point of view.   All the while, he conveys encouragement and compassion, generosity and sincerity.  One session, I just sat quietly crying.  I was not sad, as such, I was just touched beyond words that I was in the presence of someone I believed could help me and who acrtually wanted to do so.  This is his power of heart, of sympathy and understanding and a genuine awareness of and respect for what is making us unblaanced, in emotional pain, and so very lonely and isolated.  Our desperation is a key to our path to recovery.  Our ease at putting our trust in this creative and energetic doctor assists this healing process.  He understands genuine human diversity...in talent, intelligence, in living skills, faith, you name it.  He fosters our potential giving it a fuller breath of expression so it can continue to grow and expand the rest of our lives.  He actually enjoys his patients, their personalities and their perspectives.  He applauds their individuality and uniqueness.  He encourages that.  He gives me skills to battle the tendencies of negativity and self doubt that plague me and others.  He encourages me like a coach and applauds me every success -- even the little steps  as well as the hugh leaps of effort.  He assumes nothing and doesn't "lay trips" on his clientele.  He gets in there with you and gets himself dirty with the labor of love we share as we toil against the forces of inbalance, negativity and bad habits which want to thrive.  He is a good man, a fine doctor.  I just know I feel moore independent (whereas many doctors want us to be dependent on THEM...and continue to come and pay for more hours of therapy. )  Dr. Italia is one who learns from his work and works on himself too as well as helping is to work.  He has the
stretch marks to prove it.  He is a positive agent for change, growth, independence and esteme.  I feel stronger, more joyful and more content with the way things are.  I can accept more pain now and direct it to creative productive outcomes.  I can accomplish more, resent less, act more powerfully and with self-confidence.  I can think more clearly, feel more deeply, risk fare more deeply and expansiovely.  I can give to others now with out feeling vulnerable.  I can express my emotions more and in positive non-threatening ways.  I am not sure how all this happens, but it does.  I enjoy my sessions even the hard ones where I am filled with pain, grief, fear or lack of assurance.   I feel supported, cared for, treasured and know that many  others benefit from this same result as I have with my work with "The Doc."  There is laughter sometimes, tears sometimes, tender moments, quiet moments, moments of relaxation, exileration, drama, meditation and great dialogue.  He is inspiring, encouraging always, challenging, observant, tender, firm and clear headed.  What he has works.  I am a better person now, more productive, less negative, stronger emotionally, more courageous, better at risks, better at participation, communicatikon, giving, receiving, sharing and workijng.  Work and play give the same joyful result.  Dr. Italia has helped me grow up, gain insight, expand intelligence, utilize my talents and skills, keep a positive attitude, be ready to be part of the solution instead of the problem.  I am less selfish, less self-centered, less afraid, less fearful, less resentful, more honest, more clear and less vague, more positive and less self depricating.  I am less competitive honoring the triumps of others as well as my own.  I am more original, uniquely myself, confident and clear in my knowing, my reading my responses more accurately and thnose of others.  I can give more, now, as I have more to give and when I give, the resources replenish as need be...like donating blood and it refills you as your blood helps others.  Inner growth is automatic.  With this fine doctor's help, the process is more direct and less tedious, exhausting and cumbersome.  He points out weak places to avoid and strong places to step so one doesn't slip and fall...and if you begin to fall, he catches you firmly supporting you until you get your composure and steadiness back.   He is fun and he is a task-master.  He approiachable and honorable, kind and careful.  He is the best.  I continue to employ all I have gained over my many sessions and these techniqes continue to blow on the embers of my capability, talents and goals.  He is helpful long after the sessions are complete and I am more on my own.  He appreciates his patients and treasures his time with them.  Few are as versatile,multi-dimensional and brilliant as Dr. Italia.  I would highly recommend him.  He is a rare jewel among psychologists.

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by katrink 2012-08-02 11:44:18
Dr. Italia is innovative, encouraging, practical, supportive and good at sensing what is hidden and disturbing.  He is very caring and accepting.  He sees all as individuals as well worth every effort to make healthier.  He is humble, smart, insightful, kind and a great resource for that which can improve one's life.  He does not drag therapy on and on.  One makes progress and moves on.

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