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by billjuneau, Aug. 29, 2013

Avoid Dr. Pinto like the plague!

My experience with chiropractors is that I've seen 4 different chiros over the years, with the most success coming with those who've incorporated physical therapy/rehab into their regimine. I’ve also heard of shady chiropractors, with very questionable ethics and billing practices. Dr. Pinto is the epitome of the poor stereotype many people associate with chiropractors - unethical quacks.

I had been suffering for severe migraine headaches, and nothing was working. I was taking preventative medication and still getting headaches. Imitrex three times a day just wasn’t doing it for me. I was willing to try anything and everything. I was tired of just treating the symptoms, and wanted to get to the cause of my headaches. I tried acupuncture, quit drinking, I ate only whole, unprocessed foods for a month, I lived an extremely healthy lifestyle.  Nothing worked. Then I heard an account of someone’s headaches being cured with an Atlas Orthogonal adjustment. I was intrigued, and willing to try it out. That is how I came to Pinto.

The first visit, with x-rays and consultation, was $95. He just took x-rays and told me to come back for the actual consultation. Seemed a bit odd, but what can you do.

A standard visit is $85, and the lady at the front desk says she’ll run your insurance to see if the treatment is covered. Don’t bother with insurance - it’s not going to be covered at Pinto’s.

Dr. Pinto gave me this Atlas Orthogonal adjustment, which felt like absolutely nothing. He just positioned me laying down on my side, and positioned a thin cylindrical device above my neck, then the cylindrical device lightly touched my neck. I can’t imagine it did anything, except emit a “clicking” sound. Then he gave me a quick neck massage. Then some light therapy. Then asked if I wanted a nutrition evaluation for vitamin/nutrient deficiency and for a month-long supplement routine.

He didn't once disclose that each of these was going to be billed as a separate treatment. The 45-min long session cost me over $450! The nutritional evaluation was billed at $150.00. The supplements were overpriced, but that was a bit expected.

The third visit, they pushed a "Plan" for $15,000. NO THANKS.

I received 4 chiropractic treatments in total and did the month-long nutrition plan. Nothing helped my headaches. I should have stopped going after the first visit, but again, I was desperate for anything to help my headaches. This was clearly not the answer. He kept me waiting 1hr+ for each visit, and was always running in and out of the clinic, very unorganized.

Please DO NOT make a mistake and waste your time and money with Pinto.

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