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by nbkpt86, Jan. 31, 2014

I went to Dr Kirkpatrick for mediation to help resolve a custody dispute with my ex-wife.

Although I had court ordered visitation, my ex wife was demanding I pay for supervised visitation which runs about $80 per hour plus a $60-$100 driving fee.

I was hoping Dr Kirkpatrick could help mediate to avoid the supervised visits.

My ex-wife was also requesting a "personality test" and Dr Kirkpatrick recommended and MMPI

I was very unsatisfied with Dr Kirkpatrick for many reasons and would recommend "buyer beware":
1.-  The MMPI he recommended can have results that are skewed for someone going through a divorce, especially when there is a long custody dispute.  Neither the doctor administering the test, nor doctor Kirkpatrick acknowledged this flaw and doctor Kirkpatrick characterized me as a narcissitic, addict with the mind of a criminal.  Yes, that is what he told my ex-wife.  Mind you, I have had the same job for 20 years, no dui and no criminal history.

2.  He billed me $150 or $180 per session stating he couldn't bill it under the insurance as it didn't quailfiy as couples or family counseling.  Hmmmmmm

3.  On my second visit, he asked me what I wanted to talk about.  I told him I had nothing specific and was seeking his help to reconcile with my children.  Although he had given me no assignments, he acted angry at my response, and charged me for a full session.  Hmmmmmmm

4.  He is an alcoholic and claims that he believes in AA and the big book... yet when I defined myself as a heavy drinker - someone AA defines as a person who drinks alcoholically but quits when the consequenses are too great - Dr Kirkpatrick stated he didn't believe in that definition.  He defined alcoholics as anyone who got drunk multiple times a week at some point in their lives..... I guess that would include half of all folks who attended college.

5.  When he met with my exwife, he complimented her on being accommodating to me seeing my dhildren, even though she wasn't letting me see them and proceeded to call me a narcissistic addict, with criminal mindset and who would not benefit from counseling.  He didn't mention that the results might be skewed based on the divorce and custody dispute, made me keep quiet any time I tried to make a point, and didn't ask her at all about her drininking history.... which just so happened to include daily drinking for the last two years of our marriage while I ddintdrink at all.

6.  Dr Kirkpatrick agreed with my exwife that I needed counseling (although he stated based on the MMPI I wouldn't benefit), he agreed I need to continue attending AA at least 4 times a week (although I didn't really drink anymore), and agreed that should have to take and pay for random drug tests as often as she requested.  Keep in mind I volunteered to take the cheaper store bought drug tests as often as she wanted but they demanded lab testing, which costs hundreds per test, and had to be completed any day of the week, w in 12 hours of therequest.

7.  Lastly, I went to Dr Kirkpatrick explaining I was seeking his help and mediation as I couldn't afford supervised visitation.  Yet he stated my ex wife seemed veru accommodating and I should go live with a relative, rent free, in another state, so that I could afford these vistits (on top of the over 2k per month in child support I pay)

Lastly, all this was based on the fact that I had taken pain medication, as prescribed, for back pain.  Wow, this guy is a joke.

I will tell you this, he did seem very attracted to my exwife...lol.  He is quite ugly and overweight...I suspect he has to pay for most of his dates.

Oh, and if this isn't all enough, he told me I would have to pay for his court time as he was going to make sure and back my wife up on keeping my children from me (illegally mind you) when I take her to court.

Tell you what fat ass, good luck in collecting that bill

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