Dr. Keiron Brown, Review

Dr. Keiron Brown, Review

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Unprofessional, worst therapist I have ever seen.
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by ConcernedMother, Sep. 15, 2010

I was referred to this therapist by an agency for an evaluation for my son. I gathered up and organized all my son's previous records and evaluations for this appointment. Mr Brown did not even want to glance at them. After introducing my son and myself to him, I was immediatley asked to leave and he spent about 10 minutes max in his office alone with my son before rushing out of the office building. During the time I spent with him he was extremely rude and was treating us as though we were inconviencing him. The office is a generic office along with about 20 or so other offices using the same single secretary. The other offices included realestate, PI offices, etc... Based on these 10 minutes he typed up an evaluation including the wrong date of birth, wrong history, and quoted me his report saying things I did NOT say. When he rushed out of the office, I was told to pay the secretary who had no idea what I was doing. When I tried to explain to her who the money was for, I asked for a reciept. She wrote the amount I paid and the date (not the dr name, or reason, or anything else for that matter) on a scrap piece of paper.  Based on the inaccuracy of the report and findings not even close to my son's previous evaluations, I am now having to find another psychologist (on my own this time) and pay once again to have this evaluation re-done. I later found out that the diagnosis made for my son was reportedly based on un-true events AND are not even consistant with those found in the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). How is this man even practicing?! I wish that I would have had a review to read before making my appointment with Mr Brown. After my experience with him, I feel it my obligation to warn others who are considering seeing this psychologist. If you are looking for a professional, accurate, well educated therapist, I strongly urge you to avoid Mr Brown.

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