Dr. Marlys Camille Lamar, PHD

Name:Marlys Camille Lamar
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Location:415 S Elm St
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Denton, TX 76201
Phone: 940-566-5802
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by Dichotomania, Apr. 05, 2015

Dr. Lamar is by far one of the most intelligent and caring people I've ever met, and seems to lack pretenses. She doesn't give generic responses to statements and has a lot of information on subjects relevant to what you're experiencing, as well as techniques she'll teach you to practice. You don't get the feeling she's judging you for coming off a certain way and you don't feel guilty for not agreeing with her or for not being successful at something you've talked to her about doing. And she's extremely selfless and comforting, easy to like as a person and easy to grow to trust.

That being said, she's very challenging and is not afraid to interrupt when you're going off on something that isn't pertinent to how you're really feeling. She'll correct you when you say something self-deprecating or something that sounds/is insincere. She'll ask you to analyze your feelings more than anything else and will make you explore the roots of your behaviors. She'll relentlessly make you reflect on your current state of mind and inquire about little facial expressions and reactions--she likes to say things like "you're laughing. What was it I said that triggered that? Where is it coming from?" And "I've noticed your eyes begin to well up with tears only when I make x sorts of statements. What is this triggering for you?" She's brutally honest and could easily piss someone off who does not yet trust her or is being defensive. But she employs all these techniques with amazing genuineness, expertise, grace, and care, so even if you feel like being defensive at first, you will come to find yourself trusting her deeply because you'll realize she truly understands you. All in all, in addition to my medication I can honestly say she has drastically improved my life and helped me learn to love and believe in myself. I've gone through several therapists and I was frustrated with all of them because I didn't find them to be caring or smart enough to look past all my intellectual snafus, get to what was really going on, tell me things i didn't know about myself, risk offending me for the sake of telling me something I needed to know, and give me practical strategies to apply outside of the room. Dr. Lamar's office is possibly the only place other than alone in my room that I feel safe and comfortable crying. I have grown so much through knowing that she truly cares for me and through trusting in her penetrating insight. I recommend her over every other therapist I've ever met or known. She is truly one of a kind, not just as a therapist but as a person and a friend.

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