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Name:Martin J Williams
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Arlington, TX 76017
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by FinallyBetter, Jul. 22, 2013

Long story short, over the last 10-15 years, I went from early 40's to mid '50s in a blink of an eye.  The truth is, over a period of time, I had gradually become achy all over, developed poor posture, tired easily every day, and finally developed a chronic case of sciatica in my right leg. After being treated by Dr. Martin Williams in Cedar Hill at his clinic there some 15 years ago, I did some internet homework, and found that Dr. Williams had recently opened a "home-based" Chiropractic practice at his home in South Arlington!  My first appointment was 4 days ago, and I cannot describe to you how much he was able to do for me!  I was amazed!  I have not felt this good in a good 10 years, I know!  For over 28 years, Dr. Williams has been seeing many patients, each one never being exactly the same.  He took great care in thoroughly medically assessing me before treatment began.  I was at his home/office for approximately 3 hours, and most of that time was spent actually listening to me, and leaving no stone unturned concerning circumstances that may have contributed to my total chronic gradual spiral downward. Using his many years of actual Doctor-patient interaction and treatment, coupled with his initial training, followed by many years of keeping current on any new treatment techniques, Dr. Williams was able to undo 10 or more years of pain and chronic discomfort in a very short while.  I have my next appointment in several days, and I am very anxious to see how much more Dr. Williams is able to accomplish!  I know one thing for sure!  As long as there are positive treatment results, this will be my #1 priority!  I encourage anyone who may suffer from any part of what I have described to give Dr. Martin J. Williams a call as
soon as possible!  You'll be very happy you did!            

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by Thigpen, May. 03, 2013

Dr. Williams does everything possible to help me achieve maximum pain relief at every visit.

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by HappyMomof2 2013-06-22 15:34:18
Dr. Williams was able to determine that my infertility was caused by a tightly wrapped pelvic muscle. He showed my husband how to massage it. I went from one or two periods a year to being on a monthly cycle and was able to conceive 2 sons who are the joy of my life.

No MD could figure out what was wrong with me.

Dr. Williams is thorough and able to explain things in layman´┐Żs terms. He takes his time and doesn't rush the appointment. He listens well and answered all my questions.

His hands are a gift from God.

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