Dr. Michelle Arnold, PSYD

Name:Michelle Arnold
Review:2 client reviews
Location:80 N Moore St
# 22 C
New York, NY 10013
Phone: 917-509-9329

Client Review:

2 client reviews of Michelle Arnold scored 3 out of 5.

Cannot say enough good things about this Dr!
Overall Rating
by Michael72, Oct. 02, 2012

The best there is!  I would recommend Dr. Michelle Arnold without hesitation to my family, friends and colleagues.  She is a real New Yorker who is a lovely woman and a talented therapist as well as being very spiritual and grounded.  My session with Dr. Arnold, is one of the highlights of my week because I know I will learn and grow each time.  So glad I decided to take the plunge and go with this psychologist.  All I can say is she is a great fit for me and I am grateful for her help.

* this reviewer has be with this therapist for 6 months - 1 year
* this reviewer had 1 - 2 therapists before.
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by BrookeIvy 2013-11-02 22:05:44
Thank you so much for posting a review. I have been researching on my insurance website for a psychotherapist for my husband. Hebrew happens to be his first language so when I saw Dr. Arnold profile I was so intruiged. But my insurance site just listed her phone number. When I read your review you suggested to another person that email was best way to reach her. May I please ask you to email me her email address? I hope it's not any trouble. My email address is Brooklynivy@aol.com. I don't have an account and was not sure how to find a reply if it was posted, that's why I asked you to email her email to me. Thank you so much!
If only she would return calls
Overall Rating
by Paula00, Sep. 22, 2010

I have been trying to make an appointment with Dr. Arnold for 2 weeks.  I have left voicemails and have emailed her at the address provided in her voicemail.  She has yet to respond to me.  I have since given up as it appears that she truly does not care about my mental health.  I will also be reporting her to my insurance as they should know what type of service their doctors are providing.  It is difficult for me to ask for help and this behavior makes it even more difficult.  If she were on vacation or something I would understand but her voicemail gives no indication of anything except to leave a voicemail or email her.  I truly hope that I am the only person she is not responding to.

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by geds 2011-05-11 14:32:51
thank you. will not call her.
by Michael72 2012-10-02 03:32:46
I don't know what you're talking about!  Sounds like you have other issues, because Dr. Arnold is awesome!  I was referred by my friend, who happens to be a psychiatrist so he knows what he's talking about.  Did you email Dr. Arnold?  That's the best way to contact her because she is in such demand.  He could have referred me to anyone, but insisted I speak with Dr. Arnold.  She has been so helpful in supporting me through a difficult personal situation as well as a recent crisis.  She even called me when I was away from the city for a few weeks to see how I was doing when my father died.  Who does that these days?  She is so smart and insightful and approachable!  I have had a completely different experience with this Dr.  I would suggest that any of my friends or family go to see her if they need help! Many of my colleagues in my law firm have already made appointments with her and have thanked me for the referral!  Can't praise her enough!
by BPCMom 2013-09-26 16:05:34
Three years later and this woman still doesnt know how to return a phone call!! I called twice in the past 3 weeks, no response. Very unprofessional (and uncivilized) behavior

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