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by Sanderson, Feb. 08, 2011

I had serious upper, middle and lower back issues after working in lumber lards.  I also had a serious neck injury.  After seeing a family practitioner, Neurologist, Arthritic specialist and Physical Therapist, I gave up.  Each Dr. would ask, what hurts the most? I would choose a different area of my back and neck each time I was asked because the previous Dr. would say, there is nothing we can do about that.
My kids were visiting the day of the home show.  I was hurting so bad, I prayed, God, don't let my kids see the pain I am in.  Bingo, we turned the corner and there was Dr. Cosentino.  She did a free Xray and said she could help.
I didn't sleep the night before the appointment.  I could only think that I had to pick something and I had already picked everyting to be told, we can't do anything about that.
Dr. Cosentino never asked me what hurts the most.  She simply reviewed the Xrays and explained that I had a lot going on.  We will start from the top an work our way down.  Somewhere in the middle, you will feel better.
I wouldn't let her touch my neck, only my back.  My neck hurt so bad, that I expected it would snap off if I let her touch it.
I could not believe I was improving.  The Dr. kept insisting she could help me with my neck.  I had lost 20% motion on each side.  My neck was so bad that I had trouble driving. Bones had fused and the Neurologist had wanted to surgery.  I would have done the surgery except that he insisted that my left side was worse than the right.  It was the right side that gave me the most pain.
Finally, I let the Dr. Cosentino work on my neck but only after she promised to call Dr. Zavorkian(?) if my head fell off.  
Today, I can sit for more than 20 minutes.  I have the full range of motion in my neck.  I can actually take a lengthly step without pain.  Because of my experience with Dr. Cosentino, I have begun to do Yoga.  The improvement has been so great that my Rhumatoid Dr. now believes in alternative medicine.
Another good thing about Dr. Cosentino.  I have referred a couple of people to her.  One didn't go back because someone knew someone..  This person still goes to that Chiropractor every week and has been going for three years.  I go for monthly maintainence.  Another she told she couldn't help.  She admits the limitations and recognizes symptoms on other disorders.  This woman is amazing.  

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