Dr. Peter Forsyth Thomas, PHD

Name:Peter Forsyth Thomas
Review:1 client review
Location:7777 Forest Ln
Suite C 833
Dallas, TX 75230
Phone: 972-566-4591

Client Review:

1 client review of Peter Forsyth Thomas scored 5 out of 5.

He's the best therapist I ever had. period.
Overall Rating
by anonymous1972, Apr. 12, 2012

Took my adolescent son to see him. He was the first out of many therapist that he actually liked and connected to. He helped him through some very tough times our family was going through. He listened to what his mother and I had to say and included us in the therapy. We actually knew what was going on when we couldn't get any feedback from other doctors. Honestly, he most likely saved our son's life.

* this reviewer has be with this therapist for 6 months - 1 year
* this reviewer had 6 - 10 therapists before.
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