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Name:Robert Scott Walton
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by hatethisguy, Mar. 09, 2014

My benefits package from work gives me a handful of "free sessions" (they are not free. It's taken out of my pay). He will tell you that he has been doing this since the 60's. This man is 72 years old and wears a hearing aid which means that you have to yell at him and he yells back. He is a Jerk so his attitude and the yelling makes it hard to work through your anger management session (also when to him for marriage counseling). As a business man I know that someone that has been doing this for aslong as he has should not need to have a referral service to get new clients. Why? Because he would be getting a discounted rate or have to pay for the referral. So why discount your self if your not just starting or are actually good at what you do? because he does it to help people? No because he told me and wife that if we couldn't get any more authorization codes we would have to make sure we pay him! because he has bills to pay! Of course we had more "free" sessions but why waste them on him! If he has been doing this for longer than I have been alive then why do you need help getting clients. He referred me to an MD doctor because the first thing he talks about is getting you on medication. This other Dr. He will refer you to is his personal Dr. Dr. Philip Kartsones MD. I just read some reviews about him and there are good and bad ones. But if you read the good ones it's obvious that they are happy because he is a pill mill. The good reviews talk about how he knows the prices of the medicines and how he will make sure you get your medication at an affordable price, oh and that he is a gadget geek. What a Surprise a geeky Dr! Because I'm so used to all those Tyler Perry thug out docs right? My wife was prescribed an antidepressant from her family's Dr. Whom she has seeing for more than ten years. The first session 5 to 10 minutes after meeting my wife he tells her that she is on the wrong medicine and that she needs to be on a different medication. He did this with out even asking her any qualifying questions at all. He has no clue of my wife's medical history. The next session he tells me that I need to see his doctor Dr. Why? Because he wants me to go in an tell the MD to put me on Celexa. Again he wants me to tell this Dr. What medicine I need to be on! Again with no medical history! When you go in their website it clearly says that you can only use this drug if you other wise physically healthy and if so you can only do so for an extremely small amount of time because it will kill you! You will developed cardiac vascular and knidney conditions among many others If you already have these issues than it kills you faster. I was born with WPW, a heart condition which will shorten my life as it is. I'm dying
and this man wants to take me there quicker! This man insulted me, yelled at me, accused me of miss treating my wife. My wife even had to stop him once saying that "hey I want to win the argument but because I fell like I'm right not because I want to bully my husband!". At the end of the day my wife is a small, beautiful, shy, sweet woman (didn't marry her because she was the opposite of any of those things) and I guess MR.. PHD wanted to play Doctor with her! Maybe Dr. K gave him some viagra!

I guess this quack was a blessing in disguise because my wife saw him treat me so bad that she felt sorry for me. Understand that we were talking about divorce and were pissed at each other. So maybe I should be grateful that he was such a piece of crap! We are now working on our relationship together with out any professional help. Thanks you piece of crap!

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