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The Very Best !
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by Neurosurgdoc, Oct. 17, 2010

Dr. Feeney is a chiropractor who has multiple other degrees. I can not begin to name them, but I know that he has a Masters degree in Sportas Medicine, he is a clinical nutritionist, he does surgical manipulation under anesthesia, and AS A FORMER CLASSMATE OF HIS AT EMORY MEDICAL SCHOOL, he would have made a great neurosurgeon.

So,you see, I may be a little bias, as Dr. Feeney has been my friend for many years. When he decided that he lnow longer wanted to be a nuerosurgeon, we were all shocked. He was the top in the Residency Pogram and I dont think anyone was very happy,

To make a long story short, we knind of fell out of touch. I became a trauma based beurosurgeon and practiced in Laguna Beach Cakifornia. I practiced in a group amd all was well. I was engaged to be married, I was booked with surgeries and I was happy. Then, one day on my way home from work on a winding road when a truck came around a bend, im my lane. That's the last that I remember for the next month, Apparenly my vehicle was driven off the road and down a 70 foot embankment. Fortunately, my Ferrari hit a very large tree(Or else it would have dropped 1000 feet!). I woke up in a shock trauma center. Over 70 fractures, ruptured spleen, lost all off my teeth, had to have one kidney removed, I had shunts coming from my brain to keep the pressure down. Finally after 70 plus surgeries, many of which I am very gracious for saving my limbs, resuccitating me volumunous times, performing cosmetic procedures to elinate or reduce some of the teerible scars. I went to physical and occupational therapy fot more than one year, All in all, I was gracious for my life, but 2 years after my injuties, I was still noy even remotely close tp returning to work, I was on over 40 meds a day and I was so severely depressed. My fiance' had left me and I was losing my identity. Life looked pretty bleak,

Then for some reason I thought of Sean Feeney. We hadn't even spoken since before my accident. I'm sure that being 3000 miles apart. When I called Sean, I could tell that his mind was already im motion. Within 5 minutes he had me convinced to move back to the East Coast indefinately for treatment.

Two days from our conversation, I was livimg im Sean's house. He began to gather all of my medical records (Over 50,000 pages and bills exceeding $10,000,000 !!

Sean established a treatment protocol that included s a ver select team of physicians and surgeons and most impressively, all had agreed to wave there fees ! I was beyond broke.

Again, greatly condensing my story, I was afforded draumatic results from Manipulation under Anesthesia. (That procedure alone reduced my pain by over 60 %!!!!). Daily rehab was grueling but also great. I had many pins removed from my body that were necessay initially. Cosmetic surgeries helped me to regain my confidence. Nurients plus meds intravenously gradually allow me to reclaim my mental function. Transmagnetic therapy and electromagnetic therapy were also very effective. Conitive therapy and even hypnotherapy were great. Endoscopic spinal decompression worked very well.

I know that I merely scratched the surface of my treatment, but I want to update those who have been following my progress. I  am back in practice as a neurosurgeon ! I have a new fiance and we are getting married in one month ! To look at me, one could never tell that I had technically died 20 times ! My body weight plumetted from 225 pounds to 88 ponds at its lowest. (I weigh 190 healthy pounds today at 6'3" and plan to run my first marathon next week! I have run a "trial" run in under 3 hours).

Well, I know that I have not even done Dr. Feeney jutice as to what he has done for me, but he knows hat is in my heart. He taught me how to find God in my life which we have always been taught not to "mix" religion and medicine. Personally, I thimk we need the exact opposite !

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It is a miracle !
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by Vince123, Sep. 03, 2010

I wanted to write a quick note to let others know about Dr. Sean Feeney. In summary, I was in a bad car accident which herniate 2 disca in my lower back and 3 in my neck. My family doctor sent me to physical therapy for 4 months and I was worse !
Next he referred me to Dr. Feeney. What a difference ! The facility was ultra-modern and remind you of a very comfortable small hospital.
After evaluating me, Dr. Feeney started me on a program of rehabilitative theray, light adjustments of my spine and shoulder (Which I was scared of at first, but I must say they are unbelievable). There is no pain with them at all and they seem to get right to the cause of the problem, different types of laser therapy, a thing called strapping, he modified my diet and started me on spinal decompression. He also referred me to a pain doctor who he works with. He said that the medicine would not cure me, but it would help me while I was getting the problem fixed.
I went to the pain doctor for 2 months, but then no longer felt I neede to go. Within 3 months of starting Dr. Feeney's protocol I was feeling back to normal. I could not believe it!
I latter asked my family doctor why he didnt send me to Dr. Feeney first. When I told him all of the things that Dr. Feeney did for me, he said that he honestly had know idea the treatment was so detailed. Needless to say, he send all of his injury patients to Dr. Feeney first now !

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by David1978, Sep. 01, 2010

I went to Dr. Feeney after having a severe car accident. I needed surgery in my neck and lower back for multiple disc herniations a few months after my accident. Unfortunately after what appeared to be successful surgery (My arm pain went away after my neck surgery and my neck fely 80 % better initially, and my leg pain went mostly away after my back surgery and my back was feeling 75 % better).

My neck did start to get a bit worse before my back surgery, but my meds were increased to 2 80 mg oxycontin,6 30 mg roxycododone,4 4mg xanaflex and 3 800 mg Ibuprofen so I could tolerate the pain.

As I mentioned earlier, my back felt real good after that operation, but unfortunately it was only for about 6 weeks.

In the meantime, I started P.T. for my neck. Unfortunately, my neck got worse and when my back started hurting I began to feel real depressed. Next I was started on 2 antidepressants which did nothing.

I continued P.T. for 6 months and I was just getting worse. I finally found a neurosurgeon at the Rothman Clinic who said he wanted me to see Dr. Feeney for 8 weeks before he considered any other options! I must admit, at first I was very skeptical and very depressed.

However, I got an appointment with Dr. Feeney in about 10 days and I have to say that as soon as I entered his facility I began to feel better. Dr. Feeney couldn't have been nicer and the entire staff was fantastic.

Dr. Feeney explained that I had some severe muscle imbalances as well as problems with my feet. On x-ray, my left foot was almost one inch loger than my right.

Next Dr. Feeney used a special computer scanner to create custom orthotics and sent me to a shoe repair store to have my heels leveled. (I must admit that I was still very skeptical ! What could my feet have to do with my back !

Then we started treatment. First I was put on a giant machine to do a very light weight axial decompression which felt great. Next I had adjustments done called "flexion-distraction", which involved no cracking. Then I was started on a customized exercise program, very consevative at first. I finished with "K-laser", a massage therapist and ice.

I continued treat 3 times a week for two weeks like this and was feeling 40 % better to my amazement. I also had my medications begin to be modified by a pain management doctor that works with Dr. Feeney in the same office.

Dr. Feeney told me next that I should really think about losing some weight as it would help (I was 5'8", 270 lbs).

I saw a nutritionist and was put on a special diet. I was also started on Glucosamine and chondroiten sulfate, hyaluronic acid, a natural plant based anti-inflamatory and a few other things.

Two weeks latter, I was down 20 lbs and feeling 60 % better.

My rehab program was modified a lot and Dr. Feeney started to do a technique called myofascial release which was a little painful but really helped. We continued with all other treatments including another one which I forgot to mention called Kineseotaping. I found this to be particularly aming as it not only gave me support but it worked to fix my problem structurlly.

Finally, at 8 weeks I was 98 % better, off virtually all of my medications, except suboxone (So I didnt have withdrawl from all of the narcotics I was taking) and Ultram.

I called my surgeon at Royhman and told him that I wanted to cancel my appointment. I thought that he may be mad, but he just laghed saying that it is so great when he can avoid spinal surgery and if there were more doctors like Dr. Feeney, so many patients would be able to avoid surgeries that often make them worse in the long run (Especially when it is beyond there first one). So we talked for a couple of minutes and it turned out that he had recommended 3 other patients to Dr. Feeney and they all had results like me.

Today, I am honestly shocked ! Why more people dont know about this type of treatment is beyond me !

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by Henry 2010-10-09 14:44:37
I also am a patient of Dr. Sean Feeney and I must say that after 10 years of severe debilitating pain and having seen no less than 30 doctors and surgeons, after 8 weeks of treatment with Dr. Feeney I feel at least 95 % better. Furthermore, the results have been long lasting as the last time that I saw Dr. Feeney (Or any other doctor for pain) was 7 years ago !

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