Dr. Sean J Strelec, DC

Name:Sean J Strelec
Review:2 client reviews
Location:25542 Jeronimo Rd
Suite 3
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Phone: 949-837-7463

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2 client reviews of Sean J Strelec scored 3 out of 5.

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by Stacy, Oct. 23, 2011

I have never been to a doctor that has been as thorough, or spent half the time that Dr Strelec did with me.  I truly felt that he cared, and was not simply going through the motions of a "job".  More importantly, he is very competent and had me feeling better within the timeframe he said he would.  The office is very friendly and I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes with an appointment

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Dont trust the is Dr with your back or pocket book
Overall Rating
Knowledge & Experience
Quality of Work
Office Environment & Staff
Waiting Time
by josiahy2k, Apr. 26, 2010

My day started pretty rough, I was experiencing back pain for about a week so I called CORE Chiropractic and spoke the receptionist. She informed me that the Dr. that I saw 8 months ago was no longer there and put me on hold for 5 minutes to find my records. When she returned she informed me that she couldnít find my records and that I would have to fill out paperwork all over again, no biggie at this point so I made an appointment and went in. The receptionist received all my info including copies of my insurance card and driverís license. After a 35 minute wait my new Dr. finally came out and saw me. After talking about how the last Dr took horrible records and couldnít find my information, his stay at a Canadian University and his golf swing for 45 minutes he informed me that my insurance wouldn't cover an adjustment and consultation in the same day, he said for 40-50 dollars he could do the adjustment and then bill my insurance the remainder. I was in a heap of pain so I said go on with it. After the 15 minute electronic pulse massage and 3 minute adjustment he sent me on my way to the receptionist to pay my $40-$50 bill. Thatís when the fun started! She informed me that my bill was $150 bucks. I thought, hey what happened to the $10 co-pay and $40 treatment. She said you donít have a co pay because we donít accept insurance. As I am pondering why they make copies of your insurance card if they donít accept insurance guess who I see roaming the hallway? Thatís right the Dr. that they told me no longer works there. I immediately called my insurance company and explained the problem, and they said to call the Dr and see what he says. I called and explained my predicament to the receptionist to which she replied, well I have only been here 3 days, so I donít know much of anything. I then was finally transferred to the Dr. Bow after arguing for 20 minutes about how his receptionist of 3 days wouldnít lie, he then threatened to call the Sheriff if I stopped payment on his chiropractic scam. I hung up on him and called my insurance company once again and explained the problem, they said they would look into it but that they couldnít do much because guess what...he doesnít take my insurance. So now I am out $140 bucks, and my back is still killing me. I hope that your business falls apart Dr. Sean Strelec, I hope you never make another penny scamming hard working Americans.

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by badback 2011-11-21 05:21:59
Total Scam....seriously watch what happens on your billing. Canadian or other alien
by badback 2011-11-21 05:23:10
total scam...watch your billing. Canadian or other alien.

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