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by Prabha, Oct. 23, 2010

It all began 2 years ago Oct 2008. I had shoulder pain and my range of motion all of a sudden got really worse. My primary doctor prescribed muscle relaxant and since it did not relieve the pain, I was referred to an Orthopedic.  The orthopedic doctor recommended physical therapy and after few months of treatment, there was no relief, and the pain got worse. The next step was to give Cortisone injections and it was administered twice with no effect. The only choice left at that point in time was a shoulder impingement surgery, which I underwent in July  2009.

After surgery, I had to undergo physical therapy.  I had a good recovery but even after 6 months, the range of motion was not good, and I was asked  to do my exercises at home.  Pain became a part of my life and I almost gave up and prepared  to live with the pain.

I went for a consultation again with my orthopedic doctor in May 2010 and was referred to physio therapy again. One month passed and still there was no improvement. I requested my orthopedic doctor  in August 2010  about any massage  for the shoulder and he wrote a prescription for me to undergo massage therapy.

That's when I googled and found Dr. Parvini's place. Thank God.

I am so happy and glad that I am in the right hands now. Dr. Parvini's treatment was the only answer for my shoulder neck pain. Dr. Parvini along with my massage therapist Carol did all the magic that my shoulder and neck area needed. Just after 2 months of chiropractic adjustment and intense massage therapy, I am getting lot better day after day. My pain is almost completely gone. Big thanks to Dr. Parvini and Carol. Without their treatment I would have lived with the pain forever. I am so GLAD that I found this place. Dr. Parvini is a very cheerful person and the atmosphere in the center is very friendly.  I sometimes feel I should have come here the first place and I could have avoided the surgery. But, better late than never. At least, I am all well now.

Thank you so much Dr. Parvini & Carol.  I will be forever thankful to you for giving me a new lease of life. You both are God's gift to the healing community.

A sign on their front door reads "Nicest People on the face of the earth work here".  It is a very true statement indeed.

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