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by SSDIExam, Jan. 28, 2014

If you r going for a SSDI exam, this dr can get your SSDI denied in 15 minutes or less.  Dr Swanson, you should add suicidal to your Dx of me because it would be the ONLY thing right that you found. I only need help for the couple yrs & the only source i have found is SSDI  So i need SSDI, you lied & there is nothing to live for except being homeless. I worked 30 yrs and paid my SS. You took away every dime of benifit i paid at a time that I need to recover from my WC injuries. Great job, everything you wrote in your report is wrong and I don't even remember talking about any of it. I guess by calling all the ink blots bugs you determined I wasn't  constant panic attacks and that I wasn't severely depressed over loosing the use of my hands& that previous doctors testing & diagnois of PTST, ADD, fear of driving & never leaving the house, anxiety with disabling panic attacks were all wrong after seeing a counselor & psychologist wkly for over a year   
If you're sent for an SSDI exam with Swanson, consider your SSDI claim denied.

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