Dr. William Russell Arnold, PHD

Name:William Russell Arnold
Specialty:Clinical Neuropsychologist
Review:1 client review
Location:118 N 2nd St
Fairborn, OH 45324
Phone: 937-878-1208
Fax: 937-878-1208

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by skramer879, Sep. 24, 2011

Dr. Arnold is genuine, straight to the point, yet patient. I refer people to him with previous head trauma and those of all ages with ADHD.  I appreciate his input upon my requests.  A great clinician, consultant, and dedicated member of any interdisciplinary team.  Our agency has had Dr. Arnold conduct a seminar for professionals on ADHD and reviews stated he was interesting, knowledgeable and time was well utilized.

Dr. Arnold helped our family 20+ years ago and his professionalism and knowledge assisted our family through several life stressors and life transition.

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by Keek57 2016-11-15 19:57:41
I have been seeing Doctor Arnold for years now and I just have to say, none of the psychologists I have seen over the years (since 1982 when I had my first of three brain surgeries), hasn't even came close to helping me the way he has!!!  As a matter of fact, I am positive that I would not even be here today if we had not ran across him!  He has actually helped my spouse and I, come up with a plan for better communicating and, a better understanding of my memory issues. For this & many other reasons...*****RATING

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