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Name:William A. Moss
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Rapid City, SD 57702
Phone: 605-341-8647
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by ImAHumanBeing, Jul. 30, 2011

I would not reccommend Dr. William Moss, to anyone. He enjoys insulting people, he's rude, and inconsiderate to other's feelings. He only looks at your chest, if your a girl or a woman, he will not make eye contact, and then he continues to look at your chest.He's airigent, rude, nasty. He judges you very quickly, without even knowing you. He's racist. You start talking and he cuts you off, never allowing you to speak. He doesn't listen, He has no compassion, whatsoever. This is abusive Dr, if you are a person, who has gone through an abusive relationship, don't go to Dr. William Moss, got to Dr. Donald Janz, now he's got Compassion and is rated #1 A++++++ in my book!
I give Dr. William Moss a D++++++++, Very poor attitude for a professional, he should change his work career, to something else. Don't see Dr. William Moss, go to Dr. Donald Janz instead, he'll take better care of you then Dr. William Moss.
There was a very strong heaviness in the office and waiting room, especially in Dr. Moss's office.

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by Letgo 2014-02-20 08:07:30
I agree 100% with however posted this comment.  Dr. Moss has a past that he has not put behind him and it comes out in his manorisms and behavior in his office.  He does not listen to the whole story only the bits and pieces that can be turned on someone to make them look bad.  He clearly needs to be in a profession that does not deal with people and one that he can never destroy children ever again.  This man will lie cheat and steal to make another party happy, because he is Facebook friends and because he has not put past to regrets and loves to stir drama that isn't needed or even there.
by wdtgrad 2015-12-31 14:39:47
I know that a lot of people go to see him because they are court ordered.  I'm not sure they're the right people to be making comments.

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