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Name:Eugene Robert Gerst
Marriage & Family Therapist
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Suite 200
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-244-9950
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by Joshr, Jun. 21, 2011

 I was ordered by the court to attend family therapy on July 8th of 2007. The court ordered myself and my estranged family to meet with Mr. Rob Gerst. This was one of the most unprofessional atmospheres to say the least. The secretary Michelle was a very rude person WHENI was able to speak with her on the phone. As the center is only open on Mondays and Wednesdays it was already difficult to get in touch with anyone. Upon leaving messages I soon found out that no one would respond to them so I eventually quit trying. Her attitude was very poor and hostile toward me for no reason. Often we would schedule appointments only to have her call back a week later to say that she had overbooked our appointment date. On 3 different occasions I was told I had scheduled an appointment for a date that I had not. When I tried to explain that it was not possible for me to have scheduled these dates to due to my knowledge of work or other activities I was met with hostility. On one occasion she blamed Mr. Gerst for the accident only for him to turn around and blame her as well. As far as the actual sessions were concerned, Mr. Gerst seemed to be a very likeable man. Still likeability in his position should not matter. Not once did he ever take any written notes on any of the sessions I attended which was quite a few. Not only did he not take notes, but his memory of the case was not sufficient enough to compensate for the former. I found that in almost every session he asked the same questions over and over again. It was very frustrating to feel as though we were not truly being listened to. Also, from day one I felt as though he made up his mind concerning the case based on previous experience rather than our actual case. He was very rigid in this matter and seemed to overlook my concerns so that he could settle this issue on his own (perhaps in order to prolong our sessions and increase cost on me) without court influence. I was met with a lot of hostility to say the least. I found throughout this ordeal that it was very difficult to get any straightforward answers from anyone employed at this center. It seemed as though they were lacking in a more organized leadership team. Every time I received a call from this place I knew it would only be another mix up or mistake. At the end of Mr. Gerst's findings he showed how very little he understood the situation at all. He mixed up all of the names of the people involved in the case and could not remember specific information that was vital. He seemed to me that he had too many cases on his plate not to take more care of the information needed. He made assumptions in his report based on his "feelings" more so than the actual information. He granted (in his opinion) a Convicted Felon rights to children that should not have been (and weren't by the court). If you decide to go here please be aware of the problems I had. Hopefully they have at least hired a new secretary by now. That might help alleviate the problems with the scheduling as well as the attitude I seemed to have been met with. In my opinion, this was a very poor counseling experience and definitely not worth what it cost my family finacially or emotionally. I hope this helps someone make their decision.

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