Frank X. Gillespie, LPCMH, CADC

Name:Frank X. Gillespie
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Location:1151 Walker Rd
Dover, DE 19904
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by cirquedukat, Mar. 31, 2015

Dr. Gillespie is a pervert and should be stripped of his license.  I was referred to him by Dover Behavioral Health and saw him twice.  His office was in a tiny room in a basement.  He told me several times that I had his favorite body type, like his wife's and showed me pictures of her to prove it.  This was under the guise of helping me with my body image issues but is unprofessional and inappropriate.  He also asked for hugs.  The real prize is that he asked me what part of my body I was most self conscious about (I told him my stomach)  and asked me to lift up my shirt and show him.  When I refused he reached over and lifted my shirt himself.  I reported him and nothing happened.  I assumed it was because I was  unable to give specific details about when I saw him and how many times I saw him.  A few years later I was diagnosed with a severe dissociative disorder which explains why those details would be difficult for me to recall but does not imply any type of delusional behavior so it was reported again with the help of a different psychologist.  Still no action was taken against him.  What saddens me the most is that some of his long winded boasting to me was about how much work he has done with underage girls with poor self esteem: perfect targets for disgusting creeps like him.  If he behaved that way with me after two sessions I hate to imagine what he's done to females more vulnerable than myself.

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