Gwenn Keller Auel

Name:Gwenn Keller Auel
Specialty:Social Worker—Clinical
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Location:3511 W Market St
Suite 100
Greensboro, NC 27403
Phone: 336-632-3505
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by dissapointeddad, Jun. 30, 2016

I have never left a negative review on a professional person. I appreciate all the work someone must do to get as far as Gwen has, however, my brief encounter with her has always been a source of disappointment.

Gwen was counseling my estranged wife and we had a joint session together, because Gwen was going to help her say something to me that my (now) ex found difficult. I had been expecting a much more equanimous session, but that was not the case.

Being my estranged wife's counselor it was clear from the moment I entered the office that Gwen was not there for me, nor our marriage.

Granted, my ex had no intention of trying to save our marriage at this point, but the undercurrent of hostility from Gwen was palpable.  Regardless of my wife's wishes, I would have liked to have been treated like a human being, but I felt prejudged. She spoke to me coldly as she made whatever point my ex wanted her to make.

Some counselors do not believe that saving a marriage is always the best outcome, even when there are children are involved. I wonder if Gwen falls in this category?

My ex told me that 'kids are resilient'. I believe she heard this from her counselor but can't verify it.

Now, 7 years later, my kid is in counseling because of depression at 13. The divorce is one of the major sources of my child's unhappiness.

Thanks a all the therapists who tell their clients that 'kids are resilient' and basically support divorce to the detriment of children. Gwen didn't know anything about our marriage, at least from my perspective, and didn't care, but told my ex. what she wanted to hear.

I have borne my child's heartache for years because of this divorce. Her life will never be without this pain.

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