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Name:Heidi Rose Fearon
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San Diego, CA 92108
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Got me walking again.
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by ParLarsson, Nov. 05, 2010

Had severe back problems. Had patellar tendonitis. Had shoulder sports injury. MD friend tells me to, so I went to see Heidi Fearon a few times for acupuncture. Things got better and I learned a bunch.

Things got tons better and I forgot about my old injuries.
Two months later a too-hard track sprints workout and some other stuff hurt my leg/glute pretty good. I take a week off. I do some squats. I wake up the next morning unable to walk. Or sit. Or stand for more than a minute without massive pain. Emergency Room a few times. A month on the living room floor. Things start getting a tiny bit better, but the pain is still too much to have a life or sit up or drive a car without pain. Or sneeze or cough or laugh or blow my nose without pain. Apparently it's the 8-year-old back injury that's causing my Sciatic nerve to not work and my leg to hurt like hell.

Finally decide the pain of getting in/out of the car is worth it and go see Heidi again. She explains a bunch of stuff and things feel a bit better.

The next day I wake up and can walk without pain again, for at least 5-10min. Huge, massive improvement.

Thanks Heidi.

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