Irene Martha Bernal, LCSW

Name:Irene Martha Bernal
Specialty:Social Worker—Clinical
Review:1 client review
Location:640 S Glassell St
Suite 105
Orange, CA 92866
Phone: 714-335-4694
Fax: 714-516-9204

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by Ziggy4, Nov. 03, 2016

This therapist, Ms. Bernal, was treating my high school age daughter a few years ago.  They had a decent rapport, as Ms. Bernal herself had a relaxed, somewhat teenage demeanor when dealing with my daughter.

I was shaken to my core when my daughter announced one day after a session that Ms. Bernal had essentially suggested my daughter use Adderall to help her study.  My daughter urged that I somehow get it for her because Ms. Bernal was an "expert" whom she trusted, who had suggested it.  She was furious with me when I said absolutely not.

When confronted, Ms. Bernal was defensive and even dismissive, stating that she only told my daughter in passing that she had acquaintances/colleagues who used Adderall to do marathon study sessions and/or during tests to heighten stamina and focus.  WHY WOULD SHE SAY IT AT ALL???

Controlled substance.
Requires special type of medical prescription from a doctor, or can be obtained on the street since it is a central nervous system stimulant very desired by drug users/addicts.
Ingredients: Amphetamine/dextroamphetamine.
Used to treat ADHD.  Also used to treat narcolepsy.
Side effects:  Rapid or irregular heart rate, delirium, panic, psychosis and heart failure.

Being that my daughter does not suffer from ADHD nor narcolepsy, why on earth would a trained mental health professional even be discussing Adderall with a young, naive and vulnerable girl?  And out of my presence!!  WHY??  WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!???

Never in my life have I encountered or even heard of such an unethical, irresponsible and dangerous therapist.

I do not recommend Ms. Bernal.  Please, please, please do not let her have sessions with your children alone.  Her judgement is profoundly compromised.

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