Janet (Peggy) Margaret Creelman, DOM

Name:Janet (Peggy) Margaret Creelman
Review:1 client review
Location:615 W Alameda St
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 505-989-8652

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by honestpatient, Oct. 10, 2012

I went in to see Peggy about a topical rash/hives hoping to get some clarity about a possible allergy and was told I have Lyme Disease.  She opened the session by mentioning that her daughter has Lyme Disease and continued, throughout the entire session, to tell me about how impassioned she was about the 'epidemic' of Lyme Disease. This is not to say she is uneducated about Lyme Disease, because she obviously is very adept, but this is a classic example of confirmation bias. (a tendency of people to favor information that confirms their beliefs or hypotheses) She clearly has an agenda about educating and preventing undiagnosed cases of Lymes. I suggested to her that she should be putting that energy into community education and advocacy and not into her individual sessions with clients, who may be vulnerable and just came to seek support and answers. I feel it is incredibly unethical 1. to talk about your personal attachment (ie her daughter diagnosis) and 2. to overtly lump your client into your 'fight' against an epidemic.  She used scare tactics - telling me Id have brain fog, muscle weakness etc in 5-10 years if I didnt follow her suggestions. She also nonchalantly said that rashes can sometimes indicate AIDS but she 'didnt think I had AIDS'.  That is the moment I stopped her and told her I felt this was all feeling very very unsafe. I also told her that it is her clients rights to do what THEY feel is in THEIR own best interest, not to be swayed and scared by the agenda of their practitioner.  She pressured and guilted me into feeling as thought I HAVE to get a blood test for Lyme Disease, this is also unethical.  I would NOT recommend this practitioner, as I felt unsafe, unseen and over-rided by her agenda.  She also charged me $127 for an hour and 15 min worth of service where 15 mins of it was me telling her I felt her behavior unsafe and unethical.  I was also not given an option to NOT buy the herbs she opened and told me I needed.  She charged me $68 for those and the rest was for her 'services'.  

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