Janice L Calzolari, LPC

Name:Janice L Calzolari
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Location:300 Prime Pt
Suite 100
Peachtree City, GA 30269
Phone: 770-359-7017

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Not a gentle or flexible therapist
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by QueenEliza, Nov. 15, 2014

Unfortunately, I had a terrible experience with Janice Calzolari, and I would not recommend her. I will say though that a very specific sort of person might appreciate her style of counseling.

She is very direct and structured, and will quickly guide you to confront your problems. If you would like to spend 5 minutes talking to someone, have them diagnose you, and not really want to listen to you, but just tell you what your problems are and how to fix them, Janice is your gal.

If, however, you are a sensitive person and prefer someone gentle and careful, you will probably not be a great fit for this therapist. She does not appreciate suggestions or being argued with. If you disagree with her, you will be wrong.

Please do not go to this therapist if you are a fragile person who takes to heart what people say. If you're tougher and can roll with the punches and prefer "two by four therapy," and get irritated with therapists who are too nice, then Janice might just be perfect for you.

**I would like to put a special disclaimer that if you have any similarities with borderline personality disorder, I would suggest you not go to Janice. She told me (and I'm paraphrasing as accurately as I can here) that people with borderline personality disorder do not like her, and it is their fault because of their disorder. If you have borderline or borderline tendencies, you CAN get help and have a great relationship with your therapist. It probably won't be with Janice. Unless you've been doing therapy and don't feel helped, and need to be more aggressively challenged by your therapist.**

Best of luck in your search for a therapist!

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